n51: Efficiency for your benefit

During the last Open House held in Comexi Group from 1st to 3rd of June, the new press F4FLEXOEfficiency® was presented as a world premiere, developed as part of an ambitious program for a new concept of central drum flexo presses, whose purpose is to provide flexo efficient machines in the broad sense of the word.

At Comexi, we understand that efficiency means more than just productivity. Efficiency is something more. For Comexi, efficiency is a philosophy – a philosophy of creating solutions that help our clients, a philosophy of developing new technologically integrated products that deliver competitive advantages to you.

F4FLEXOEfficiency® technology addresses, on the one hand, the needs of traditional converters, who desire efficiency improvements for short jobs. And on the other hand, this technology addresses the needs of label manufacturers who desire productivity improvements and the elimination of photoinitiators through eCOMEXI® solutions which utilize EB Flexo technology in high performance flexographic printing.

Developing new markets
The F4 FLEXOEfficiency® press offers the capability of printing in high line screens, which opens the door to markets previously considered out of reach and which can compete with gravure printing with costs no higher per square meter than for your current conventional printing system.

Extra short runs
But this is not enough. The systematic reduction of run lengths is a reality in the majority of the market. Efficiency in Flexo must mean reduced costs with machinery best suited to this short form, which requires ingenious solutions that reduce downtime and maintenance time. These solutions must come with a high degree of automation, while also reducing job change times and increasing profit margins on the final product.

The 8-colour F4 FLEXOEfficiency® press helps you face these challenges, featuring a new doctor blade chamber support design that reduces change times dramatically and increases accessibility, a design that simplifies maintenance and changeovers, and a width of 670mm/26.3’’ (up to 870mm/34.2’’) with minimum repetition of 240mm/9.4’’ (up to a maximum repeat of 600mm/23.6’’), creating cylinder savings for a direct impact on the per-square-meter cost of your product. The maximum speed is 300 mpm/984 ftpm.

The F4 FLEXOEfficiency® press incorporates eCOMEXI® solutions, specifically in flexographic printing with Electron Beam inks. Zero emissions. No environmental impact. A step towards sustainability.

Flexo efficiency is here.

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