Packaging can change brand’s experience

Packaging generates a deep impact on how we relate to particular products. Colors, textures, fonts and compositions can change how costumers feel, taste and experience a brand. When a design comes out of the norm, we look at it. It has been shown via different studies and reports that packaging is the most immediate way to communicate and create relationships with clients and shoppers.

Specifically a recent study done in the UK published via BRANDPACKAGING prove that a good packaging design is a successful way to impact consumers’ decisions making and, in consequence, their purchasing behavior.

According to this report, design must be substantial and it must have a meaningful, memorable identity that connects directly to the brand positioning. A brand must stand out from its competitive set and have stopping power. Packaging can help using bold, striking, differentiating colors that stand out in the given environment, channel or even season.

The role of packaging is more than a way of wrapping and maintaining the products. Have to make us feel something: make us laugh, smile or crave the product. As the flexible-packaging professionals say, it’s time to connect with shoppers in an innovative way. And flexible packaging allows it using its multitude of applications and capacity of increasing the value of the products making them more attractive and at the same time, impactful, thus facilitating the connection with consumers.

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