Seala Increases Its Production Capacity Attributable to the Acquisition of a Comexi SL2 Laminator

Seala Increases Its Production Capacity Attributable to the Acquisition of a Comexi SL2 Laminator

The partnership between the two business allows the French company to position itself in food markets as well as implement ecological designs

Comexi, a global supplier of solutions for the flexible packaging printing and converting sector, and Seala, a company specializing in the lamination of paper and cardboard with different films or aluminium, have strengthened their commercial relationship with the acquisition by the French company of a Comexi SL2 laminator. Due to this purchase, Seala has increased its production capacity and is now able to position itself in food markets, as well as produce ecological designs with the use of an innovative application.

“The know-how of Comexi, in general, and the technical characteristics of this laminator in particular, are ideal in carrying out our work specifications,” stresses Laurent Bisson, manager of Seala, who adds that “the customization of the SL2 was decisive in the decision-making process. Several design modifications have been made and additional options have been added, allowing for it to be successful on a very large range of materials and weights."

The acquisition of the Comexi SL2 laminator increases Seala's production capacity and widens its business segment. The bonding process, based on solvent-free polyurethane adhesive, will enable the company to laminate duplex or triplex plastics and paper structures. Owing to this operation, Seala can "position itself in food markets such as sandwich bar, take-out drinks, frozen foods, as well as implement ‘innovative eco-designs´, which will become increasingly more important in the coming years," says Bisson.

Seala, located in La Couronne (Charente) for over 40 years, supplies printing companies and cardboard manufacturers throughout France. Its laminations are visible in the food world and on product boxes throughout the cosmetic industry, including major brands such as Dior or Chanel, for which Seala has been a supplier for many years.

“The Comexi SL2 laminator, which we currently have in operation, is a sophisticated, reliable and very flexible machine. The machine’s equipment and configuration are huge assets in terms of productivity, particularly in comparison to its competition,” explains Olivier Gibert, Comexi Area Manager for this region, who also adds that Seala “is not only an ambitious and growing company, but is also well established in various market segments.” Gibert stresses that the Comexi SL2 laminator “is the perfect tool, enabling Mr. Bisson to reach the goals he has set forth for himself and his teams.”

The Comexi SL2 design, due to its easy use ability and state-of-the-art controls, is the ideal short and medium run laminator for a wide variety of materials, as well as being the perfect solution for solventless lamination. This machine has been designed to comply with productivity concepts and simplicity of operation. The Comexi SL2 has an exclusive applicator head design, consisting of complete motorisation, the use of metering sleeves, the option of incorporating automatic change turrets, and possesses an extremely intuitive environmental nuance.

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