SIMPA grows with Comexi Group (n99/2012)

- SIMPA was created in 1958 by an industrial French group. This company was specialized in the production of rigid packaging as well as the extrusion and printing of bags. In 1991, it was bought by the current owners.

In the late 90's, the company started a new chapter, as CEO Ibrahim Hawili explains, “we gradually geared our company towards the printing of films for food packaging. At that time, we invested in our first 6 color central drum press and foreign technicians in order to improve the company’s productivity and profitability.”

The company currently has a production capacity of around 500 tons of film per month. Its industrial park is ultra modern, undertaking printing as well as laminate production activities. It is equipped with 10 and 8 color, central drum, gearless presses from Comexi as well as equipment for the production of laminates with and without solvents, also from Comexi, thus ensuring a permanent presence in Africa thanks to its representative, BLG International. “Success evidently comes from the skilled human potential that exists at the heart of the company; however, it also comes from establishing alliances with different foreign suppliers who believe in us and continue collaborating with our company. Comexi has indisputably been the main collaborator in the current success of SIMPA”, confirms Ibrahim Hawili.

“The company,” adds Ibrahim Hawili, “is prepared to respond to any demand in the production of flexible food packaging. The R+D department closely works with suppliers of film, ink and glue to create and provide the best food packaging to its customers for the preparation and distribution of their products.”

SIMPA currently produces packaging with printed BOPP/PET/PVC/PE films in monofilm or triplex laminates. It is the market leader in Senegal and West Africa and is vigorously redeveloping its activities in Côte d’Ivoire and new markets such as Cameroon and Angola.

“Thanks to our investments and hard work, we have acquired know-how, enabling us to look confidently towards the future. Success comes from human competence but also from research into technologically advanced materials, allowing us to produce quality while quickly minimizing waste production,” adds Ibrahim Hawili.

“The company will increase its production capacity in Dakar but also produce in countries where the demand is rapidly growing. Africa is big, and success means staying close to large customers and the new markets that will develop over the next few months. The secret to SIMPA is rigor, discipline and hard work. Every day our personnel make sure these values are upheld in the heart of the company,” concludes Ibrahim Hawili.

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