SIRPI acquires a Comexi RG EXCEL (n118/2013)

SIRPI acquires a Comexi RG EXCEL (n118/2013)

Girona, April 17th 2013.-Comexi Group, a specialist in solutions for the flexible package convertible industry, has began in march the Comexi RG EXCEL installation at the Italian company Sirpi, which is dedicated to wallpapers’ printing.

The new rotogravure printer is installed at Sirpi’s headquarters in Tribiano, at a production center that stands out for its modernity and efficacy.

Sirpi has evaluated carefully the market’s rotogravure printers and they finally chose the Comexi RG EXCEL due to its production capacity, but also because of Comexi Group’s knowledge in the sector.

Sirpi is one of the oldest and most widely recognized wallpapers’ printing companies in Italy. The Jannelli family owns Sirp and they are manufacturing only in Italy as a cultural and strategic decision. By means of the Jannelli & Volpi brand, Sirpi distributes wallpapers, wall cladding, upholstery and decorations all over the world.

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