SP Group acquires the Comexi Nexus OPTIMA 2H (n138/2013)

• It is the first purchase of second generation Optima laminating machines on the Spanish market.

Girona, 14 October 2013.- Comexi Group, a leading specialist in providing total solutions to the flexible packaging conversion industry, has reached an agreement with SP Group for the purchase of a Comexi Nexus OPTIMA 2H machine that will be installed at its plant in Córdoba (Spain). This acquisition means the first sale of this laminating model in Spain. The purchase agreement also includes the acquisition of a Comexi Proslit E-Turret slitting machine.

Comexi Nexus OPTIMA 2H

The Comexi Nexus OPTIMA 2H has been designed to provide the best two-layer lamination with solvent or water-based adhesives for high performances that require high application speeds in order to achieve a very low solvent retention. Compared to its predecessor, the new Nexus OPTIMA 2H allows a higher productivity, better energy efficiency, and greater machine ergonomics, which means an enormous qualitative leap. 

This progress provides the best drying performances for the flexible packaging market and also the optimum productivity for all kinds of laminates. Besides several technological developments should be noted, those enable very fast work changeovers, so that the Comexi Nexus OPTIMA 2H becomes a much more productive for long and short runs.

Comexi Proslit E-TURRET

The new E-TURRET is the next generation of PROSLIT’s turret slitter of Comexi Group. It is a high performance machine with a great work capacity, small dimensions and easy in use and maintenance. To its already spectacular slitting and laminating features, Comexi has also incorporated to the machine a new ergonomic study which allows handling and controlling its different slitting areas without the need of stopping it and without any danger.  


SP Group is the trademark that unifies all its brands at national and international level: Plastienvase in Córdoba (Spain), S.L. in Villarrubia and Espiel (Spain) and Plastienvase France, located in Arras. Nowadays it has a considerable commercial network in Europe expanding to other countries around the world.

This corporate group, with both an upward trajectory and a proven soundness, has always offered high quality standards to its clients, in goods as well as in services. As a result of this effort it has obtained, in all its plants, the following certifications: the ISO 9001/14001 and the BRC (British Retail Consortium). The latest bestows, among others, the greater prestige and recognition to the food companies in all countries, regarding the quality and hygiene standards compliances. 

SP Group is dedicated to the manufacturing of co-extrusion, printing and lamination, in flexography and rotogravure, flexible plastic sheets, as well as to the material for thermoforming films for semi-rigid trays for use in food wrapping and sanitary products and pre-assembled bags (Wicket, Doypack, Planas, etc.). The company’s average annual production is of 40,000 tonnes.

At present, the group has over 500 employees in all of Europe, highly skilled professionals contributing to the national and international market differentiation with the aim of being more and more competitive every day.

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