Technology may represent the “How” of change, however humans represent the “Why”

Technology may represent the “How” of change, however humans represent the “Why”

The K-Show 2019 theme is “Plastics Shapes the Future” but, what is the future? What is the future of flexible packaging?  

Gerd Leonhard, a humanist and futurist, describes in change that in a world where everything is connected, where everything is equally excellent, where performance is reaching perfection, the only remaining dimension in which to innovate… is you 

Today’s technological environment is fueled by digitization, mobilization, augmentation, disintermediation, and automation. Sciencfiction has become science fact: we live in a world of self-thinking machines and self-learning machines. This is the reality of today, and disruption has become the new normal. Humans will only possess attributes such as creativity, imagination, intuition, emotions, and ethics, and will become increasingly more important in the future, as machines are very good at simulating but not at being 

Robots and software will replace humans doing work, allowing us to concentrate on things that cannot be automated. We need to go beyond technology and data in order to reach human insights. Technology may represent the how of change, however humans represent the why. The future is connected to eco systems. It will nojust occur but is predetermined. 

Comexi is not developing new technology; instead we are transcending it. During the K-Show, we would like to share with you our vision on the future of flexible packaging and conventional printing technologies with Flexo SB / WB / EB / UV, as well as our Offset EB and digital printing technologies of today and the future.  

Join us! We are pleased to welcome you at the K-Show! 


Jeroen van der Meer  

Comexi CEO

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