The 20th Hispamerflex Congress brings together the main innovations in flexography

The 20th Hispamerflex Congress brings together the main innovations in flexography

The main innovations in the field of flexography were the focus of the 20th edition of the Hispamerflex Congress that was held in Valencia on June 1 and 2. The event was a success with conferences of experts, technicians and top representatives of Comexi, DuPont, Sun Chemical and Esko bringing together more than 70 attendees, mostly managers and brand owners from various printing and converting companies.

The meeting was moderated by David Centelles, Comexi’s Marketing Director and Manel Boada Technology Centre (Comexi CTec) Director, and began with the welcome of Eddy Fadel, Esko’s Regional Business Director South, who highlighted the changes that companies in the flexible packaging industry are facing nowadays and how firms can take advantage of them as growth opportunities. Sun Chemical’ Managing Director, Francisco Contreras, detailed the current situation of the flexible packaging industry and its projection as one of the main growing markets in the digital and sustainable world. Innovations, new formulas to improve efficiency in the flexographic printing sector and the latest sustainability and colour management solutions were some of the main topics that integrated this congress, which have more than two decades of history.

In particular, Miguel Ángel Beltrán, specialist in Business Development at DuPont, explained how the evolution of technology is oriented, more than ever, towards improving efficiency and control in production processes. "Uncertainty in flexography is a symptom of inefficiency and one of the main expense drivers. Working in a more controlled environment gives us the opportunity to be more predictable, efficient and profitable", assured during his presentation.

Pablo Ferrín, Esko’s Iberia Application Sales Manager, deepened in the current innovative solutions that allow increasing productivity and sustainability. In addition, Sun Chemical took advantage of the relevance of this event to present its latest product: the Sun Color Box; the latest solution for digital colour management in flexible packaging. "The digital colour management allows achieving productive savings and process improvement", said José Luis Martín de Loeches, Director of Technical Assistance at Sun Chemical Iberia.

Besides, Comexi's Flexo Brand Manager, Raúl El Fakdi, explained new developments in the current dynamic flexographic printing’ environment. "It is crucial that new ideas and innovations are embodied in a product that has acceptance and meets the needs of the market", highlighted El Fakdi during his conference.

Finally, the Congress ended with Victor Küppers lecture titled 'The attitude towards change', in which the consultant and world known writer emphasized the importance of personal disposition and explained how specified techniques and formulas can help to improve the adaptability to vital and professional changes.

Francesc de Roa, Director of DuPont Advanced Printing, closed this technical event by reviewing the key points of each of the conferences held. "Nowadays we are becoming consulting companies rather than suppliers. This Congress Hispamerflex is a clear example of it. We are very satisfied with the results obtained in this edition and we hope to meet again in two years", concluded Francesc de Roa.

The day before Hispamerflex Congress celebration, the attendees were able to enjoy a private visit and dinner at the Oceanográfico de Valencia that included a speech of Comexi’s president, Manel Xifra, who thanked the participation and great interest of the attendees.

Strengthening links and synergies

Since its foundation, the Hispamerflex seminar has been a meeting place for companies, converters and customers involved in the flexible packaging sector and interested in weaving a joint network. A point of union that after 20 successful editions continues to focus on improving and promoting the use of flexography as the main printing system in the flexible packaging industry.

This year, the four companies that organized the event coincided to highlight the good results obtained, both in terms of attendance and the level of lectures. "It was a great edition; we have been able to strengthen the bonds between companies. Great ties that will surely generate productive business and commercial projects in the future" says Comexi’s Marketing Director, David Centelles. At the same time, the attendees emphasized the good organization of the event and, above all, the high level of the presentations. "We have received very good ratings from the attendees. In addition, congress has enabled to create closer ties between the different companies", underlines DuPont President, Francesc de Roa. In the same way, Eddy Fadel, Esko's new Regional Business Director South, said that the congress was a great networking opportunity and highlighted the "warm welcome" received by the attendees.

"It has been a great opportunity for managers and brand owners to exchange points of view on the present and future of this sector, in an unbeatable environment," says Francisco Contreras, Sun Chemical’s Director. Likewise, Contreras points out that the Hispamerflex Congress has been a key meeting point allowing managers and entrepreneurs to get to know each other more personally. "This is, without a doubt, an experience to be repeated", remarks Francisco Contreras. The next Hispamerflex Congress will be held in 2019.

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