The Comexi F4 Accountable for Plasmar’s Efficient and Unmatched Quality Production

The Comexi F4 Accountable for Plasmar’s Efficient and Unmatched Quality Production

The Colombian company is able to confront demanding market challenges of converters as a result of the installation of the flexographic press

One year ago, Comexi, the global supplier of solutions for the printing and flexible packaging industry transformation, installed a Comexi F4 flexographic press at Plasmar SA headquarters, reaching an important milestone: the presence of 90 Comexi machines in the region. The Colombian company, established in Medellín, has proven, during this past year, the manner in which the Comexi F4 flexographic press, as a result of the job change speed and its consistency while printing, has enabled the company to face the challenges required of converters by the flexible packaging market: improve processes to reduce the time and the cost of manufacturing, as well as achieve and maintain high quality standards.

The Comexi F4 is the most efficient solution for flexographic printing short runs. This machine incorporates the patented system of pipe less magnetic blades, a structurally compact and easily accessible printing unit, that has a platform which allows for the performance of all maintenance tasks within a very short period of time. Due to these features, the Comexi F4 can rapidly execute job changes, offering high versatility to customers who need to make numerous changes to their daily production. Furthermore, this press can be equipped with the most advanced control system, including the fully automatic pressure adjustment and PDF file-based registration system, the machine color adjustment system, as well as having access to the Comexi Cloud digital services platform. All of this facilitates the work of the printer.

The competitive advantage of the Comexi F4, in regard to job change speed has allowed Plasmar to advance and implement a fixed palette and extended range printing system, in turn eliminating the tasks of anilox changing, ink cleaning and adjusting machine color. This implementation, together with the prepress technology offered by Dupont and Esko, has allowed Plasmar to combine highly efficient production with unmatched quality.

Plasmar, founded in 1985, is a company that is dedicated to the manufacture of flexible packaging. Juan Carlos Márquez, the company’s owner and president, acknowledges that "the investment in a Comexi F4 has allowed us to make rapid changes, of which we currently make 6 or 7 every day." Márquez, who emphasizes that the flexographic press Plasmar acquired in 2019 is "very compact and clean with which to work ", is very satisfied with the commercial relationship that has developed between the two companies and affirms that "our next machine purchase will also be from Comexi".

Comexi is proud to collaborate with companies such as Plasmar, whose restless and innovative characters make them a benchmark not only in Colombia, but also worldwide.

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