The Comexi PROSLIT S1 DT increases productivity by 30% in converting plants

The Comexi PROSLIT S1 DT increases productivity by 30% in converting plants

Comexi Group has developed a new double turret slitter-rewinder, the Comexi PROSLIT S1 DT, in order to increase productivity and energy efficiency in the converting industry.
Installing this slitter-rewinder in production plants of flexible packaging enables to increase productivity by 30% over its predecessor Comexi PROSLIT Eikon. This increase is achieved due to the possibility of working at speeds up to 800m/min with new and shorter acceleration ramps, and to the improved and faster turret-change. In addition, with the installation of the Comexi PROSLIT S1 DT, reduced energy consumption is obtained, representing savings of between 4 and 6% over the previous model.
The R+D department of the company has designed this new slitter-rewinder starting from the Comexi PROSLIT Eikon machine, which has more than 100 installations since its inception. With this development, the tension range of the machine has been also increased to provide greater flexibility in the range of materials to be cut.
Maximum productivity

The Comexi Group slitter-rewinder stands out for its new support arm system for the turret changeover rotation, standardized in all widths. This Comexi PROSLIT S1 DT arm allows rotating in both sides, top and bottom-side. With this system, the shaft end in cantilever arrangement is supported during the turret’s rotation on a base that keeps it at level and fixed. Thanks to these improvements in arm, shaft life is increased and operational is simplified, achieving a more versatile machine. Furthermore, the Comexi PROSLIT S1 DT offers the possibility to add fully automated download and palletizing.
The Comexi PROSLIT S1 DT is getting wide acceptance in the market. As of June 2014, and from the sale of the first unit in late 2013, the Catalan company has sold 12 units to customers in Scandinavia, Spain, Mexico, Peru, India, Iran and Turkey.

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