The innovative Comexi R2 high tech gravure press, real star at Converflex

The innovative Comexi R2 high tech gravure press, real star at Converflex

Comexi Group took part in the last edition of Converflex (Milano, Italy). Visitors to Hall 2 Stand T27 had the chance to discover the latest printing and finishing solutions developed by Comexi Group: high added value technologies that respond the current requirements in the flexible packaging market. The company demonstrated once again to professionals in the sector its ability to offer innovative solutions, as well as its commitment to working to strengthen its relationship with clients and to supporting them as much as possible in their businesses.

On this occasion, the Comexi ACOM R2 gravure press arose as the worldwide novelty to be shown to the printing industry. Following the success of Excel and Platinum gravure models, Comexi Group launches this innovative hi-tech gravure press to answer the current flexible packaging requests.

The new press has been designed to meet the market’s broadest demands, maintaining high levels of quality. By incorporating the standard systems, the Comexi ACOM R2 delivery times are reduced. Comexi Group also adds state-of-the-art technology to this press, in terms of machine control and direct drive systems to increase efficiency, as well as SIMOTION by Siemens, which increases energy savings. The Comexi ACOM R2 also has a new inking system concept developed to optimize ink consumption.

Four Flexo solutions for every need

Moving from gravure to flexographic printing, the Comexi FLEXO F2 platform offers clients the ability to produce top quality printing in any market segment. From the basic model, which is ideal for targeting profitability in markets with shorter runs or runs with less added value, to the most sophisticated model that allows combining high quality with top speed for those markets where printing time and quality are critical factors.

Without forgetting sustainability, a fundamental cornerstone for Comexi Group, with the launch of the new F2 printer specially designed for printing with water-based inks.

The increasingly worldwide demanded Comexi OFFSET CI8

Regarding sustainable printing, Comexi Group highlighted the Comexi OFFSET CI8, a solution that responds most effectively to four issues that summarize current market demands: high quality, time to market, respect for the environment and cost reduction. The Comexi OFFSET CI8 becomes the suitable solution to strengthen companies positioning as environmentally responsible printers while maintaining high standards of quality, through a simple process very close to digital technology but with a greater production capacity. This is enabled by joining the advantages of both offset variable lengths and flexo central impression drum printing in one single press for flexible packaging and labels.

Comexi NEXUS ML1, the most suitable multipurpose laminator

In the field of laminating, Comexi Group promoted both the Comexi NEXUS ML1 and the Comexi NEXUS SL2 laminating machines. On the one hand, the Comexi NEXUS SL2 is the ideal option for working with solventless tapes, designed with cutting edge technologies to obtain maximum reliability and simple operability. This evolution of the successful Comexi NEXUS Evo laminating machine, can work at a maximum speed of 450 m/min with available widths of 1330-1530 mm.

On the other hand, the Comexi NEXUS ML1 has been designed to produce high added value duplex, triplex and multi-layer laminating at high speeds. Thanks to its modular design it can offer multiple solutions adapted to the client’s product, either for food, pharmaceutical and paper packaging or labels.

Comexi’s solutions for those looking for added value in their end product

Comexi Group promoted the Cingular Holography technology that can create holographic effects at register on a wide range of substrates, as well as cold foil, matte and glossy effects at register. Using holograms gives packaging a great, differentiating visual impact, and the possibility of including tamperproof elements. The Cingular Holography technology is available with the Comexi NEXUS Futura solution. This technology reduces significantly the cost of final products compared to the currently available technologies for the creation of holographic effects.

When it comes to slitting, the technology that best reflects Comexi Group’s innovative capacity is the Comexi PROSLIT Cingular Laser system. This laser processing solution allows performing all the current applications in one single system, with greater reliability, superior quality and maximum versatility. This way Comexi Group has combined the whole slitting process in one single machine.

The Comexi laser in line is the answer to industry demands: product life increase, reduction of processes, introduction of new materials, thickness reduction, etc. All these advantages make up the perfect process to optimize a flexible package.

The Cingular Laser system is an option that can be built into any PROSLIT solution, like the Comexi PROSLIT S1 DT. 

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