The new generation of flexographic, offset and gravure presses

The new generation of flexographic, offset and gravure presses

Comexi, as a global supplier with three printing technologies: flexographic, offset and gravure, presents at Interpack fair all its wide flexo portfolio with its latest developments such as Comexi F2 ML flexo press, Comexi’s revolutionary offset technology and Comexi R2 gravure press.  

Printers need to have printing presses that facilitate their use and meet their demands whilst maintaining high levels of quality. Taking into consideration these requirements, Comexi has developed the new generation of flexo, offset and gravure presses that respond to all flexible packaging market demands.  

On one hand, the group has recently devised Comexi F2 ML, a top range press and the biggest member of the F2 family product line. It is the best technological solution for the polyethylene market needs: quality at high speeds, big repeats and a great degree of adaptability, without forgetting the ergonomics and usability of the F2 flexo press family.  

This machine has a reinforced design of its printing units so is capable to print in big repeats thus achieving and unbeatable machine profit-wise. Also, can satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding applications thanks to its ergonomics, robustness and wide range of peripherals and downstream units.  

A part from that, last year Comexi also released Comexi F1, another top-quality press, which incorporates a robot capable of automatically manipulating all the sleeves that intervene in the printing process – Pc, Intermediate, Anilox- and is fully integrated into the process. This machine is the most advanced solution aimed at answering the biggest problems derived from job changeovers machines with large repetitions.  

With the new flexo Comexi F1 press, printers and converters can achieve an increase in production of at least 25% thanks to its robot, which reduces changeover times between jobs. As Comexi F2 ML, the new F1 is specifically designed for markets of large repeats, wide web and long runs.  

High quality, cost savings and flexibility with Comexi’s offset technology 

Flexible packaging industry is always changing to respond the demanding requirements of its clients. Currently, operation costs, waste and rapidly changing times are key factors to take into account when deciding the best printing solution. Likewise, brand owners demand highest quality, fast delivery times and competitive prices. Within this scenario, Comexi CI8 offset press is the perfect solution and answers all these requirements.  

This awarded innovative machine is positioned as the leading solution in the market for short and medium runs with several machines installed in Europe and Asia. Provides maximum flexibility in the production process, allowing a very short time-to-market. Due to the fast in-house pre-press, enables the possibility to prepare new jobs while the press is still carrying out another process. Also, offers a reduction of the environmental impact, replacing solvent inks for EB curing technology, which allows use of solventless inks that are totally accepted in  food packaging.  

Furthermore, Comexi CI8 offers considerable savings for companies due to its fast and keen in-house plate making. This sustainable technology use lithographic plates, cost reduced compared to photopolymers or engraved cylinder that have been used in traditional flexo and gravure technologies.  

Comexi R2, the advanced gravure press 

Comexi also designs state-of-the-art solutions in gravure printing like Comexi R2, the last development in gravure printing, which has been aimed to respond to the broadest needs of the market.  

Incorporates the most revolutionary technology in terms of machine control with mechanically driven systems in order to increase efficiency and raises energy savings in the consumption of the press. This top-quality machine allows quick jobs changeovers, minimizes waste, provides mechanical stability at high speed and offers greater adaptability. Moreover, Comexi R2 features an ink system of variable volume that significantly reduces ink usage. Furthermore, Comexi also has other gravure solutions such as Comexi Platinum, the most advanced and high performance solution in this field and Comexi Excel gravure press, which allows to deal at maximum level with short and long runs.  

Comexi Cloud, the next step into Industry 4.0  

Flexible packaging printers and converters have also to adapt quickly to the fourth industrial revolution using innovative production control tools that help them to improve their plant efficiency through the analysis of historical production data. Monitoring and analysis of data is the first step in the long but quick-evolving motorway towards machine intelligence, autonomy and implementation of smart factories. 

The plants can be more efficient as long as production processes can adapt better to customer needs. Those are the reasons that lead Comexi to develop Comexi Cloud: a software based production control tool that provides the necessary data to manage resources efficiently, to increase manufacturing flexibility, to minimize stocks, and finally, to save money and increase profitability. 

Comexi Cloud improves the security process, records and analyzes incidents time, productive and non-productive meters, controls the execution time and analyse trends in work and production, ensuring traceability. A revolutionary software, which is the fastest and easiest way to analyse production.  

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