The Offset Central Impression Technology of Comexi Offers the Highest Print Resolution on the Market

The Offset Central Impression Technology of Comexi Offers the Highest Print Resolution on the Market

The ability of this technology to combine multiple SKUs within the same job reduces changeover time and waste. It is a sustainable solution for both printing process and end product

Comexi, a global supplier of solutions for the flexible packaging printing and converting sector, offers the highest print resolution on the market, as a result of the offset central impression printing technology. This is a two-fold environmentally responsible option, as print is done without solvents and frontal printing, with EB protective varnishes, allows for the replacement of laminated products or the reduction of the number of layers due to the capabilities of chemical, thermal, and scratch resistance of EB lacquers. Effectively, this facilitates the sealing of monofilm products and the recycling of packaging solutions, all this guaranteeing the highest quality.

"The Comexi Offset CI8 is a sustainable solution that provides high quality printing for a wide range of flexible packaging products," explains César Bernal, the technical director of SP Group. After acquiring a Comexi CI8, the company, created in 1985 and based in Córdoba (Spain), became the first Spanish company to have confidence in the offset printing system. Bernal describes this press as “perfect for short and medium runs for products with high design rotation”. He further comments that the Comexi offset press "is the best solution for printing from 3,000 to 30,000 meters, the range used for the majority of our jobs".

Presently, SP Group has two Comexi Offset CI8 presses: one in Córdoba and the other in Poland. “Comexi's central drum offset printing allows us to be faster, regarding both prepress and job changeover. The cost of prepress is much lower than other conventional printing technologies and we can easily adapt to the design changes of our clients", states César Bernal upon an analysis, and further highlighting that "the design of a new job is performed in less than two hours, and an entire set of 7 plates is imagined in less than 20 minutes”.

The performance of the Comexi Offset CI8 is another strength of Comexi offset technology. It has a printing speed of up to 300 m / min and much shorter changeover times in comparison to other conventional technologies. Furthermore, the Comexi Offset CI8 provides maximum flexibility by combining multiple SKU within the same design, this way short runs become large jobs.

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