Turning to flexible packaging

From production to purchase, flexible packaging offers multiple benefits to both manufacturers and consumers and has recently gained a lot of attention as an alternative to rigid plastic packaging. As Mordor Intelligence says, with growing focus on sustainability, traditional rigid packaging solutions are being replaced by innovative, flexible packaging.

Is for that reason that several companies and associations that make market reports, have examined the latest flexible packaging trends, as well as the main advantages of flexible packaging over more traditional rigid packaging solutions.

It is known that flexible packaging is proving to be an effective solution provider for one of the most challenging issues: food waste and loss. Flexible materials enable a very creative approach to packaging solutions offering customized protection and formats, portion control and longer shelf life, all of which impacts considerably to reduce food waste. In this sense and according to Smithers Pira, the flexible packaging market is projected to grow at an annual rate of 4.3% reaching a total value of $283 billion in 2022.

Compared to other types of packaging, flexible pouches or bags occupy less storage space. The flexible structure also allows storing the material in any place while rigid containers cannot morph themselves according to the space available for the storage.

Another of the main advantages of flexible packaging according to Smithers Pira, is the ability of the company to dial-in the appropriate barrier for the product and end-use. Besides, for the packaging converter and its logistics chain, flexible packaging uses fewer resources and less energy than other forms of packaging. It provides significant reductions in packaging costs; materials use and transport costs.

As a result, and as Flexible Packaging Association says, leading the way in packaging innovation, flexible packaging adds value and marketability to several products. From ensuring food safety and extending shelf life, to providing even heating, barrier protection, ease of use, resealability and excellent printability and, for all these reasons, the industry continues to advance at an unprecedented rate.


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