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Space optimisation

The sleeve store is an automatic warehouse system designed to obtain maximum capacity in minimum space. As it is a modular structure, it can be adapted to any space and can even be raised several meters above the floor, fully optimising the space in your production plant.

The sleeves are kept in a vertical position to prevent deformations, and thanks to the store's organisational efficiency, it occupies a minimum space in production, leaving the space free for other tasks.

Its automatic operating gives the operators considerable time, and its precise handling avoids deterioration and prolongs the useful life of the sleeves.

Our experience is endorsed by the various pieces of equipment we have installed in leading factories.

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Technical characteristics
Maximum sleeve weight 20 kg
Noise level  < 70 dBA
Standard width dimensions 6 / 9 / 12 m
Sleeves Capacity                                                                                           Unlimited

Main benefits for you

Easy adaptation to the space in your plant

The store's modular design means its dimensions and capacity can be adapted to specific needs.

Automatic stock order
Automatic stock order

3 different operations can be carried out:

  • Store the sleeves from the cart.
  • Recover the sleeves to the cart.
  • Store and recover simultaneously.

The system is fully automatic. After programming one of the 3 operations, the operator's presence is no longer necessary, changing to manual mode for maintenance operations.

The store includes a touch screen for managing all the system parameters. The operator can automate any operation and even keep and recover old setups. Its intuitive interface and its 3D planning program simplify programming the space distribution for jobs.

Sleeves preserved well

The handling robot can transport two sleeves per minute. The system uses an air expandable rubber to support the sleeves and carry them to the indicated position. The system adapts to any diameter, with complete support and without damaging the sleeve.

Agility in preparing jobs
Agility in preparing jobs

The cart with capacity of up to 8, 10 or 12 sleeves fits perfectly in the store and provides fast and comfortable loading and unloading.

The system identifies the positions of the cart once coupled to the store and allows a whole set of sleeves to be loaded and unloaded automatically. It is possible to integrate the sleeve transport cart in the lift of the raised stores.

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