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The Comexi L20000 is a laminating machine designed especially for working with water-based adhesive and it complements the Digital Printing HP Indigo to offer an unbeatable combination in delivery times, and it also minimises waste reduction and favours environmental sustainability

This highly technological machine responds to the growing demand of short runs and the reduced product delivery times.

Its special application system for water-based tapes, together with its high energy efficiency and very precise web tension control, make the Comexi L20000 the perfect option for your digital print.

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Technical characteristics
Speed (m/min - ft/min)



Maximum web width (mm - in)



Minimum web width (mm - in)



Maximum rewinder and unwinder diameter (mm - in)



Minimum and maximum unwinder tension (N) 250 
Maximum reel weight (kg - lb)



Core diameter (mm - in)

76.2 / 152.4

3 / 6

Materials LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, BOPP, PET, PA, Alufoil, Paper, Films Coex
The technical characteristics are likely to change according to the chosen setup.

Main benefits for you

Shaftless unwinders and rewinder
Shaftless unwinders and rewinder

Job changeovers have never been so simple thanks to the shaftless system which allows changing the reels easily, thanks to cones that support the core.


Perfect control tension

The pneumatic dancer rollers with low friction coefficient pistons maintain appropriate and controlled web tension at all times

Closed chamber doctor blade technology
Closed chamber doctor blade technology

All the Comexi technology used for designing this head that applies the water-based tape with high precision, depositing an even layer which results in a highly transparent final laminate.

Automatic washing
Automatic washing

Its fully automated washing system allows you to changeover adhesives in less than 10 minutes, optimising productivity in the job changeovers.

Fully integrated software system
Fully integrated software system

Full accessibility to all the machine components using the touch screen. The multiple functions and high interactivity make the Comexi L20000 an easy laminating machine to handle.

High efficiency drying
High efficiency drying

Drying tunnel with air and with IR lamps that provide optimum water-based adhesives drying and ensure a high level of transparency in the end product.

Its complete sound-proofing makes the L20000 a silent laminating machine even at high production speeds.

Very compact machine

Its compact design allows it to be located in production plants with limitations regarding maximum height.


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