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The most autonomous laminator on the market

The new SL2 evolution will become the next standard in the industry, thanks to its perfect combination of automation, reliability, and productivity. The incredible and futuristic design, the completely renovated interface, and the top-notch options included, makes this machine the leading performing option for solventless lamination. Among these options, we highlight the Closed Loop system, which automatically adjusts and maintains the adhesive grammage without solvents throughout the production process.

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Technical characteristics
Maximum speed (m/min - ft/min)



Maximum web width (mm - in)

930 / 1330 / 1530

36.6 / 52.4 / 60.2 other widths on demand

Maximum diameter of the reels (Unwinder-Rewinder) (mm - in)



Core diameter Unwinder (mm - in)


152 (3 / 6)

Core diameter Rewinder (mm - in)


152 (3 / 6)

Maximum reel weight for 1000 mm diameter (Kg - lb)



The technical characteristics are likely to change according to the chosen setup.

Main benefits for you

Solventless coating head fully motorized
Solventless coating head fully motorized

This brings not only an optimum adhesive transference and layer evenness, but the best performance with any kind of adhesive in a huge range of coating weight. This also allows very fast cleaning tasks, including a pre-set sequence on all the rollers for that purpose.

Sleeved transfer roller
Sleeved transfer roller

Functional, light weight and with outstanding performance for all kind of adhesives, it can be changed in less than 2 minutes without any additional tool.

Web guide sensor fully motorized

A web guide sensor that will be commanded through a motor to be moved sideways for the operator’s usability.

3-Rollers lamination nip
3-Rollers lamination nip

To achieve the best performance in any laminate: perfect optics, absence of curling and evenness of bond strength across the web.

Aluminium prepared

A high technical solution to achieve a perfect lamination with aluminium foil, even with very thin gauges.

Fully integrated coating weigth control

An in-line sensor will show your real coating weight at all times through the entire production, with a huge saving in time, waste and money.

Most updated HMI and Cloud 4.0 system

Full traceability, the HMI will save all kinds of parameter of the machine at every single meter. Improve your Quality Control and have your own costs much better controlled. It integrates a HD Touch screen for a perfect production control and accessibility.

Closed Loop Sytem

Forget about having to depend on the operators' abilities and experience, on wasting material and on the lamination defects, thanks to the Closed Loop system: it reads and corrects automatically the grammage to apply on your laminations. Assure the quality of the application for all reel with its control system, that measures all the wide during all the work.


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Product family
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SL2 evolution
Speed (ft/min) 1640.4 1476.3 1476.4
Adhesive SL SB / SL / WB SL / UV
Aut. Change RW + UW RW + UW

Tandem / Triplex configurations

ML2 + SL2

ML2 + SL2Flexibility made sustainable

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