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Taking performance to the limit

Performance excellence is taken for granted in the new Comexi ML1 MC. Conceived for the most demanding applications and thanks to its extreme versatility and modularity it covers any application in the market: Coatings, Solvent Free, water or solvent based lamination among many others. Designed for reducing downtimes to the minimum expression, the Comexi ML1 MC has proved to be the most profitable laminator of the market for high demands.

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Technical characteristics
Type of adhesive SB / SL / WB
Maximum speed (m/min - ft/min) 450
Maximum web width (mm - in) 930 / 1330 / 1530
36.6 / 52.4 / 60.2
Maximum reel diameter (mm - in) 1000
Core diameter winder (mm - in) 76 / 152
3 / 6
Maximum reel weight (Kg - lb) 1250
Accessories / Optionals Coating weight Sensor. High Tensions

Main benefits for you

High precision register control
High precision register control

Its top register control provides the highest of the accuracies when applying coatings at register. On the other hand, it offers automatic positioning of the motorized linear web guide from the main machine screen and finetuning by a push bottom, allowing a much easier adjustment. Also, with its revolver front to reverse eye-mark reading system, allows to instantaniously change the reading direction.

Easy-access modular drying tunnel
Easy-access modular drying tunnel

Designed with configurable modular units, with tool-less extractable nozzles and outstanding air turbulence.

3-Roller Lamination NIP
3-Roller Lamination NIP

To achieve the best performance in any laminate: perfect optics, absence of curling and evenness of bond strength across the web.

Application trolleys
Application trolleys

Everything is possible with its coating trolleys. Just switch from one trolley to another by the semi-automatic clamping system. Easy and fast.

Multiple coating solutions for a broad range of applications:

  • Gravure trolley: Coating solvent or water based adhesives and lacquers. Offers at register applications. Robust, very easy to assembly, set and clean through its teflon adhesive tray and removal extensors.
  • Solvent less trolley: Coating solvent less adhesives. Easy and ultra-fast job change by its sleeve technology. Job changeovers can be done on board in less than 2 minutes. Perfect dosing fine-tuning by main machine screen. Enables fast and easy semi-automatic cleaning with the aid of the fully motorized coating side.
  • Semiflexo trolley: Coating solvent or water based adhesives and lacquers. Coating weights up to 20 gsm, it brings the possibility to apply the widest range of coating weights with no need to change any roller.
  • Flexo trolley: Coating solvent or water based adhesives and lacquers with a flexographic gearless technology. Thanks to Comexi flexo expertise, this trolley enables at register applications with flexo plates. It is equipped with carbon fibre mandrels to avoid bouncing effect. Automatic self-cleaning.
  • Enclosed doctor blade chamber: Coating solvent or water based adhesives and lacquers. Robust, very easy to assembly and set. Gravure cylinder with enclosed doctor blade assembly to reduce evaporation and foaming. Automatic self-cleaning.
  Solvent base Water base Solvent less At register Automatic
Semi-automatic Clamping Holography
Gravure * *   *     *  
Solvent less     *     * *  
Semi Flexo * *         *  
Flexo * *   * * * * *
Enclosed gravure * *     * * *  
Aluminium kit
Aluminium kit

Integrates high technical solutions to achieve a perfect lamination with aluminium, even with very thin gauges.

  • Mechanical stopper: avoid breaking of materials and wrinkles by a perfect R5 - impression sleeve pressure control and evenness.
  • Anodized rollers: high resistance rollers.
  • Adjustable rollers: avoid wrinkles and flapping.
  • Pre-conditioning calender: prepare the aluminium to prevent and avoid wrinkles and quality problems due to thermal shock.
Fully integrated coating weight sensor
Fully integrated coating weight sensor

In-line grammage measurement to optimize jobs and reduce downtimes.

Turret Winders
Turret Winders

Fully automatic splicing turrets for continuous production. The turrets are equipped with shifting guides for a perfect web alignment and horizontal cut achieving optimal job change at the maximum speed.

Comexi Cloud
Comexi Cloud

The perfect tool for plant managers. A system to control it all: production data, peripherical equipment, machine settings, productivity, operator performance and customer orders among other relevant information. This software will save all machines’ parameters at every single meter helping to improve quality control, traceability and have costs much better controlled. Thanks to the Comexi Cloud on-line platform, customers are able to consult any data everywhere, at any time, including real time production information, historical data and automatic reports and KPI's


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