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Versatility and maximum speed

The Comexi S1 DS slitter is a multi-purpose and modular machine that will allow you to cover a large variety of repeats, even big diameter reels. .Top of the range slitter delivers excellent results both in productivity and quality even in the most demanding jobs. Configurable in two different modules to define productivity.

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Technical characteristics
Maximum web Width (mm - in) 900 / 1400 / 1700  35.4 / 55.1 / 66.9 
Speed (m/min - ft/min)    B   /  C
600 / 800
      B      /  C
1968,5 / 2624
Acceleration and deceleration ramps (seconds)   B   /  C
30 / 20
Range of materials Films, Flexible packaging, Paper, thick laminated structures
Minimum standard cut (mm - in)   B   /  C
40 / 20
 B   /  C
3 / 1.5
Unwinder: maximum Ø (from the ground) (mm - in) 1000 / 1300 / 1550 39.3 / 51,1 / 61
Rewinder: maximum Ø (mm - in) 800 31,5
Turret rotation (seconds) No turret

Main benefits for you

Automatic slitting system
Automatic slitting system

Positioning of knives and counter knives is completely automatic; therefore, circular knives and razor blades are positioned rapidly and accurately

High quality, greater productivity
High quality, greater productivity

It offers the highest quality and uses a NIP to isolate the tension between unwinding and rewinding, a horizontal lay-on-roller ALTS rewinding system for extra stability, independent motors on each shaft and true tension readings. S1-DS has amazing acceleration rates that increase the average speed, especially when producing largeformat reels.

Easy to use
Easy to use

The S1-DS slitter is ergonomic and easily operated, thanks to tools like the PC Touch- Panels that set the machine’s pace and store production data. The machine incorporates useful tools, such as the automatic rewind taper. Comexi offers the option of customizing the machine with several automation options: splicing tables, slitting automation, automated reel unloading, robotic labelling of the finished reel, robotic transport and palletizing and laser perforation system.

Comexi Cloud
Comexi Cloud

The perfect tool for plant managers. A system to control it all: production data, peripherical equipment, machine settings, productivity, operator performance and customer orders among other relevant information. This software will save all machines’ parameters at every single meter helping to improve quality control, traceability and have costs much better controlled. Thanks to the Comexi Cloud on-line platform, customers are able to consult any data everywhere, at any time, including real time production information, historical data and automatic reports and KPI's

Highest standards for big reels

The Comexi S1DS is an all-round machine, capable of completing the most demanding jobs successfully, meeting the demand for large reels in the flexibles market. Thanks to its top-of-the-range control systems, it can efficiently carry out jobs in which the thickness, gauge variations or low-adherence of the materials make control more difficult.


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Product family
Max. web width (in) 66.9 55.1 / 64.9 66.9
Unwinder maximum diameter (in) 61.0 39.4 61.0
Speed (ft/min) 1968.5 / 2624 1640.4 2624.6
Rewinder maximum diameter (in) 31.5 24.0 31.5 / 39.4
Minimum slit width (in) 0.8 / 1.6 1.5 0.8
Turret X X X

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