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Slitting taken to its maximum expression

The Comexi S1 DT is a top-of-the-range slitting machine with double turret rewinding system, offering excellent quality and productivity, even in the most demanding jobs.

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600 m/min
1968.5 ft/min
800 m/min
2624.7 ft/min

Web Width

900 / 1400 / 1700 mm
3 / 4.6 / 5.6 ft
Unwinding Diameter
1000 /1300/1550 mm
3.3 / 4.3 / 5.1 ft

Rewinding Diameter

610 mm
2 ft

Rewinding weight

617.3 lb
320 Kg
705.5 lb

Min. Slitting width

40 mm
0.13 ft
20 mm
0.07 ft

Acceleration Ramp

30 s
20 s

Web Path


Rewinder technology

Friction-Load Cell & ALTS
Friction-Load Cell with
independent motors & ALTS

Main benefits for you

Makes a success of the most difficult jobs
Makes a success of the most difficult jobs

The Comexi S1 DT is an all-round machine which completes the most demanding jobs successfully. Thanks to its top-of-the-range control and automation systems, it handles thick laminates and multiple narrow reels -labels- efficiently and quickly. It also works with slippery or hard-to-handle materials.

Maximum quality and productivity
Maximum quality and productivity

It offers the highest quality and uses a NIP to isolate the tension between unwinding and rewinding, a horizontal lay on roller ALTS rewinding system for extra stability, independent motors on each turret and true tension readings. Quality is not incompatible with quantity; our acceleration ratios increase the average top speed and reduce stoppages thanks to the double turret.

Total customization
Total customization

We adapt to each client’s needs, offering the option of customizing the machine with several automation options for automated reel unloading, splicing tables, print mark counters and the laser perforation system, which multiplies the range of possibilities.

Comexi Cloud
Comexi Cloud

The perfect tool for plant managers. The Comexi Cloud 4.0 is a system that provides immediate data access, including that of: production, peripherical equipment, machine settings, productivity, operator’s performance, and customer orders among other relevant information. At each meter, this software will save the machines’ parameters, thus not only improving quality control and full traceability, but directly controlling costs as well. As a result of the Comexi Cloud on-line platform, customers are able to consult data from anywhere, at any time. This includes real time production information, historical data, automatic reports, and KPI'. Additionally, at anytime, the COMEXI-ORDERING-ON-LINE platform allows customers to directly click-and-buy any component from the machine / desktop.

Easy to use
Easy to use

The S1 DT is ergonomic and easily operated, thanks to tools like the PC Touch-Panels that set the machine’s pace and store production data. It also incorporates the automatic rewind taper tension recommendation.


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Product family
Max. web width (in) 35.4 / 55.1 / 66.9 66.9
Unwinder maximum diameter (in) 39.4 61.0
Speed (ft/min) 1640.4 2624.6
Rewinder maximum diameter (in) 24.0 31.5 / 39.4
Minimum slit width (in) 1.5 0.8
Turret X

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