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The double-turret S2 DT slitter is our best-seller

It is an all-purpose machine that will slit most of the webs used in the flexible packaging market without problems, at a very high production rate thanks to its double turret exit.

The equipment and accessories included in the S2DT assist you in your search for maximum quality within the range, and provide you with high productivity and excellent balance in your investment return.

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Technical characteristics
Speed (m/min - ft/min)



Acceleration and deceleration 60'
Max web Widths (mm - in)



(Others to be studied by request)

Range of materials Limited
Minimum standard cut (mm - in)



(Smaller sizes to be studied by request)

Type of unwinder Electromagnetic brake (1 motor as an option or when having PLUS model)
Unwinder: maximum Ø (from the ground) (mm - in)



(Bigger diameters to be studied by request)

Tension Regulation Theoretical (standard option)
True reading when having separate motorized unwinder
Rewinder: maximum Ø (mm - in)



# of shafts on rewinder 4 (duplex or double turret)
Time rotation turret 30'
Tension Regulation Theoretical

Main benefits for you

Ergonomics and resource optimisation
Ergonomics and resource optimisation

Less reductions and stop times are one of the main success points with this machine. The Comexi S2DT is fully electrical, thereby avoiding waste from oil losses. Thanks to its ergonomic design, you can adjust and handle the slit after doing the web path. Also, changing from the slit blade to the circular blade is really fast, without having to dismantle shafts or change the web path.

Maximum quality and productivity
Maximum quality and productivity

With the NIP tension gap system, you will be able to work with different tensions in rewinding and unwinding. It includes the ALTS rewinding system with a motorized horizontal lay-on pressure roll, which will guarantee maximum rewinding accuracy. With the Comexi S2DT, quality and quantity are not incompatible, because it can achieve a high productivity rate thanks to its fast acceleration ramps, and non-stop performance by the double turret, which, is particularly noted in jobs with various reels at the exit.

Flexibility and easy use
Flexibility and easy use

Handling the slitter machine is very easy and intuitive thanks to tools like the PC touch panels where you can mark the machine rhythm and also manage and store the production data. It includes very useful tools like the automatic recommendation of the rewinding taper.

We adapt to the needs of each client and therefore we offer the possibility of personalising the machine with multiple options of automating the reel unloading, splicing tables, mark meters, multiplying the product offer if a laser perforation system is installed.


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Product family
Max. web width (in) 64.9 64.9 66.9
Unwinder maximum diameter (in) 39.4 39.4 61.0
Speed (ft/min) 1640.4 1640.4 2624.6
Rewinder maximum diameter (in) 24.0 24.0 24.0
Minimum slit width (in) 1.5 1.5 0.8
Turret X

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