A good design draws customers

Flexible packaging design provides companies a perfect opportunity to connect with the consumer and reinforce its brand. ‪Today’s consumers demand transparency from the enterprises and brands they choose and, as the world becomes more connected, this trend continues to grow.

In this sense, in the marketing sector it is known that the best ways to appeal to your customers is by attracting them visually. That is why it is important to know design process and its methods to create packaging that personify the brand and results in better sales and profits. According to an article by Packaging Strategies, visual memory is much stronger than audio memory so, when designing your package, make sure it is easy on the eyes, attractive and connect with your potential consumer. Currently there are some technologies such as holography or laser that help achieve this objective.

According to Simon Thorneycroft, a design professional interviewed by Brand Packaging, the most impactful brand packaging in the world has three common attributes: it is visible, visceral and memorable. Besides, Blake Mitchell, another design leader, adds that it’s all about creating sales-effective packaging that consumers can quickly connect with on an emotional level as well as rational for them to decipher if this brand or product is for them.                                                         

Furthermore, another two important elements that help designers and brands to create a link with the consumer are convenience and color. Concretely, colors for plastics products evoke a physical and emotional response from consumers. The right colored plastic could mean the difference between your product being a massive success or a disappointment. Implementing the correct colors for your product is crucial because the colors must match the tone and demeanor of your intended target market.



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