Comexi Cloud: The useful tool

Comexi Cloud: The useful tool

In an increasingly more competitive environment where traditional technologies are reaching a point of consolidated maturity, processes and services are taking on a steadily more significant importance in an industrial world that is striving for operative excellence. Increasing machine output, reducing shrinkage, reducing T2M or product traceability. These are some of the main objectives converters have to face every day.

Machines work in an environment where there is a continuous flow of data, and where more data are also generated, and it is in the efficient management and analysis of these data where potential process improvements and increased competitivity lie. This new tool responds to the need to interconnect machines and systems, so as to have a holistic view of the business.

Comexi Cloud has been created with the aim of being a service portal, related to the machines, open and with web technology. With the various defined modules, Comexi Cloud will be, and is, the best tool for taking on most of the challenges our clients will have to overcome in the near future, such as, controlling production in real time, managing jobs, indicators/KPI’s/OEE, controlling job costs, preventive/predictive and prescriptive maintenance, traceability or planning.

The fact of having one single information repository, that is confidential and available 24 hours a day, with automatic data acquisition (paperless), makes this an ideal, reliable tool for all the necessary analyses, and also for defining plans of action to improve machine availability, the quality of its output and its performance. Also, as we know our machine and its process, we have no limitation when it comes to integrating and connecting the system; this tool and the machine speak the same language, which makes it different from the other commercial systems. For example, without operator intervention, Comexi Cloud is capable of automatically identifying the state the machine is in: in mechanical change, setpoint, approval or rotation. This provides us with the information on the time invested in each stage of the process without errors, in each job or aggregately.

The real-time information on how the machine is working is accessible from any place with Internet connection. Enquiries can be sent from different devices and it provides important real time information on the state of the machine or the job in progress, i.e.: the metres printed, the number of reels, the loss, the time period of any incidences and the average speed. All this compared with the target marked for each of these values.

All the information on all the completed jobs with their associated parameters is available, so that with just one click you have all the relevant information regarding the job, such as the machine setpoint parameters or the productivity data for the job in question. For example, the detailed times of the mechanical change, setpoint and rotation, with the incidences for each stage.

Comexi Cloud also provides trends for different values between two specific dates. Thus, clients can detect anomalies in their process, non-quality costs that they could not identify before, and also bottlenecks by analysing the main incidences in the machine and process.

This is Comexi’s first step towards creating a digital services platform aimed at increasing productivity and our clients’ efficiency and sustainability of the flexible packaging printing and conversion industry.


Jordi Sahun 

Chief Innovation & Technology Officer


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