Comexi Group presents its worldwide novelties in all of their product lines (n139/2013)

Comexi Group presents its worldwide novelties in all of their product lines (n139/2013)

• One of the most important innovations is the new
• Comexi Flexo F2 Water Based

Comexi Group focuses its presence at K Fair with a clear purpose: to consolidate itself as the leading company in global solutions in terms of quality, innovation and sustainability. During this week, the firm culminates all the efforts made so far in an 816m² stand where Comexi Group is showing all its latest product developments in printing, laminating, slitting and peripheral equipment. In this edition of K Trade Fair, Comexi Group is showing its new Comexi Flexo F2 WB through a central impression drum.

New Comexi Flexo F2 platform

The Comexi Flexo F2 platform, which was introduced by the F2 M (renamed as F2 MP), has been recently completed with three new solutions.

On one hand, Comexi Group is presenting the Comexi Flexo F2 MC flexographic press, where C stands for Competitive. The Comexi Flexo F2 MC is a new concept designed on the basis of the Flexo F2 MP model. It has inherited the patented FLEXOEfficiency concepts such as ergonomics and accessibility to offer a more compact machine better adapted to medium and long runs. It is available in printing widths ranging from 870mm to 1270mm, 8 colours and offers printing developments up to 800mm. It includes state-of-the-art electronics to achieve the best printout qualities, even at high speeds (up to 400m/min), and it can be applied to different substrates such as plastic film, paper and laminates.

On the other hand, the Comexi Flexo F2 MB flexographic press is a new concept designed on the basis of the FW model, taking into account the latest advances in ergonomics and accessibility developed in the F4 and F2 machines. The Comexi Flexo F2 MB is the optimal machine for the shortest runs. As the Comexi Flexo F2 MC, this new solution it is available in printing widths ranging from 870mm to 1270mm, 8 colours and offers printing developments up to 800mm.

Otherwise, the most important novelty of the Comexi Flexo F2 is the possibility of printing with water based ink with high speed, both on the obverse and reverse, maintaining the impression quality of the Comexi Flexo F2 printing system itself. In this edition of K Trade Fair, Comexi Group is showing its new Comexi Flexo F2 WB through a central impression drum.
The printing system with water based inks is completely environmental friendly, more sustainable and efficient. Besides, this water based printing system incorporates other of the latest innovations from Comexi Group, regarding the improvement of ergonomics, the reduction of material waste and the time dedicated to the work changes or to the solvent – free lamination with traditional systems (process that, until now, was impossible to carry out with water based printed material.

Offset technology in flexible packaging industry

With the Comexi Offset CI8, the company has taken the offset printing technology to the next level. As the only company worldwide, Comexi Group has introduced the central impression cylinder technology - CI stands for central impression - into its offset systems, which allows customers to do what they could not do so far: printing with offset on flexible packaging film, even solvent less and therefore sustainably.

In fact, Comexi Group, has reached an agreement with SP Group for the sale of the Comexi Offset CI8 machine. The printing press will be installed on the plant that the group has in Córdoba (Spain).

With the Comexi Offset CI8, Comexi Group is providing a response to the main challenges encountered in the flexible packaging printing sector: enhancing print quality, minimising time to market, reducing costs and protecting the environment. The Comexi Offset CI8 is equipped with cutting-edge printing tools and processes, guaranteeing the quality levels demanded by today’s packaging market. It also overcomes the drawbacks of the offset printing on non-absorbent and stretchable materials thanks to the central drum.

The Comexi Offset CI8 delivers a highly sustainable conversion process thanks to the elimination of solvents and its low energy consumption, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint that is perfectly in keeping with the company's environmental protection philosophy. This is possible thanks to the use of EB curing technology, which allows the use of solventless and instantaneous cured inks without photoiniciators fully compatible for its use in food packaging.

Acom R2, new rotogravure printing press

The Comexi Acom R2 is the Comexi’s Group latest development in the rotogravure printing sector. The new press has been designed to meet the market’s broadest demands, maintaining high levels of quality. The machine comes with the main equipment: web video, crown treater or viscosity control, amongst others. By incorporating the standard systems, the Comexi Acom R2 delivery times are reduced. The Comexi Group also adds state-of-the-art technology to this press, in terms of machine control or direct drive systems in order to be more efficient, as well as SIMOTION by Siemens, which increases energy savings in the printing press consumption.

Thanks to this drive system the maintenance needs, backlash and noise that could be produced by the different mechanical components are eliminated. Besides, through the Direct Drive System transmission coupling is assured and energy consumption is reduced, thus offering an efficient and effective machine.

The Comexi Acom R2 has an inking system of a variable volume that significantly reduces the ink used. This machine is very useful for all kinds of jobs, either short or long, and it can be left in the press even without the roller.

New multi laminating machine

From the outset, Comexi Nexus has always been well-known for its ability to manufacture modular machines, capable of adapting to any client requirements, and always at the forefront of the new technologies.

Comexi Nexus is still supporting the laminating market with the greatest added value with the Nexus ML 1 multi-purpose laminating machine. The Comexi Nexus ML 1 Coating and Laminating line was designed to produce turret laminating, triplex and multi-layer of high added value at high speeds.

Thanks to its modular design, multiple solutions are possible adapted for the client’s product,
irrespective of whether it is for food, pharmaceutical packaging, paper, labels, etc. On the other hand, not only is its tremendous drying capacity worth mentioning, but also its easy handling for operators is another factor to be taken into account. The coating unit is designed with maximum modularity and flexibility, using carriages interchangeable. Therefore, the cost-profit relationship puts the Nexus ML 1 one step ahead.

Proslit CingularLaser

Comexi Group has introduced the patent-pending CingularLaser technology to the slitting and rewinding equipment from its Proslit range.
Common in-line laser processes include micro and macro perforations for the transmission of CO2 in packaging for fruit and vegetables, easy open systems for different types of packaging such as stand-up pouches, the numbering of promotional offers, expiry dates and the printing of alphanumeric codes. CingularLaser increases the efficiency and productivity of in-line processes were laser systems are used.
Comexi Group’s slitting and rewinding machines can now: make 400m of micro perforations measuring 50µ to 300µ per minute, and 150-200m of macro perforations of up to 6mm/min; add easy open systems to packaging, using discontinuous lines in cross or web direction at speeds of 200-400m/min depending on the system; and add barcodes, QR codes or numbers to different types of materials.

Enviroxi Solvent Treatment Box, plug & play system

The Comexi Enviroxi STB (Solvent Treatment Box) is a distillation system for recovering solvents used in the printing industry. The unit includes professional solvent distillation equipment of solvents distillation (Ecodistil 100 AG or Ecodistil 200 AG), a tank of dirty solvent, a tank of clean solvent and a general box with the control and power elements.

The Comexi Enviroxi STB represents an integrated solution for meeting distillation needs in distillation in the printing industry. With this distillation equipment, the machine operation is minimized as much as possible. Its installation stages is summarized in just three steps: receiving and unloading equipment; assembling load bearing parts, and power connection.

New solutions in slitting and rewinding range: Proslit D2, S2 DT and S2 DS

The Comexi Proslit S2 DT combines in one machine the merger of concepts proven in Proslit since the outset: accessible, robust, safe, productive and top quality cutting and rewinding. This results in a high performance machine with a great working capacity, small size, easy to use and maintain, fully electrical and very competitive price.

The double turret winding machine minimizes the changing and idle times, and so saves times on both long and short runs that include many changes. This way, the Comexi Proslit S2 DT offers enormous gains in productivity in comparison with conventional winding machines. Depending on the applications, the Comexi Proslit S2 DT can produce between 200 and 400% more.

The Comexi Proslit S2 DT includes the Innogreen system, which reduces energy consumption by 5% - 7%. Using the Standby pneumatic valve system, web tension is maintained even when the machine is stopped, with the resulting energy saving, as the motors do not use any electricity and the brakes do not use any air.

The Comexi Proslit S2 DS is a surprising machine. Compact and simple, but with characteristics and precision comparable with the sector’s most sophisticated machines. A great cutter presented in a small size. It has a compact layout but includes every last detail: nip carriage with horizontal movement (based on the ALTS system), or a shaftless unwinder to make it easier to load and unload reels up to 1000 kg. Nip Zone to ensure excellent tension control before and after cutting; cuts made with shear knives or gillete knives; core adjustment with laser... In short, a machine equipped with the precision of large machines and the advantages of small ones.

The Comexi Proslit S2 DS also includes the Innogreen system, which reduces energy consumption by 5%-7%. Therefore, one of the main novelties has been increasing the screen to a 12”, panoramic model with a 1280x800 resolution and a built-in PC for improving internal management.

Comexi Flexo F2 WB

The Comexi Proslit D2 provides productivity and greater profitability via a process parallel to conversion, for maximum performance in printing, laminating and cutting. The Comexi Proslit D2 machine is designed to optimise the conversion process. The diversity of the Comexi Proslit D2 functions means that clients can be more productive in each process, minimizing stopping times as much as possible so that productivity is exponentially profitable.
This machine significantly reduces the waste in the laminating process, and consequently in the process costs, increases productivity in cutting and rewinding, and reduces the number of goods returned by clients because of printing defects, telescopic effects or rewinding quality.

Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre, knowledge as a tool

Last July, Comexi Group set up the Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre, a research and development centre which was set up to act as a reference in the flexible packaging market to promote knowledge. Its activity is focused on training and consultation services, academic activities and innovation development. It also has a Demo Centre, an industrial laboratory of 2.200m2 and its own stock of machinery which enables it to develop customised tests and serve as a collaborative centre for converters, co-suppliers and brand owners.


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