Continuously improving our technologies

Continuously improving our technologies

Offset has established an important position in the flexible packaging market after the successful launch of the first industrial model in 2015.

Over the last 2,5 years the technology has evolved with the main focus on widening the applications. Therefore I am delighted to announce that we have now an industrial solution for Offset printing followed by lamination with the new range of Offset inks. This is a BIG opportunity for the flexible packaging market for pasteurized products. Simultaneously we have been working different substrates to broaden the applications.

Another interesting possibility is to print with a variable repeat length by using advanced drive system technology.

Furthermore Comexi has done a successful cost re-engineering of the Offset machine that reduces the capital investment and increases the rate of return.

Comexi Offset your daily need in flexible packaging!

Your sincerely,


By Jeroen van der Meer

Comexi CEO


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