Speed commitments

Speed commitments

It is well known that there is no machine more unproductive than a stopped machine. Comexi has this lesson very well learned. That is why the ergonomics of its laminators are among the market leaders with the lowest downtimes. Its models are designed to facilitate the work and the operability and, at the same time, increase the productivity reducing to the minimum expression the change and maintenance times. Specifically, the Comexi lamination line was a pioneer in the detection of this tendency within the market and the group has established itself as one of the suppliers with the highest benefits in this regard.

 But this is not enough. The flexible packaging market is becoming professionalized at high speed. Few years ago, this trend was only evident in some large international groups but today it's a consolidated reality in medium size and family businesses. Currently, customers are paying special attention to the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), giving more importance to the operating cost than the initial investment. As a result, the actual speed of the lamination process becomes a key and a fundamental parameter.

Because of TCO, operating cost is much more relevant than the initial investment

In this sense, Comexi has recently increased the maximum speeds of its solventless laminators. For the Comexi SL3, it has gone from 350 to 400 m/min and in the Comexi SL2 from 450 to 500 m/min. However, it must be clear that the mechanical speed and actual working one are not synonymous. Today more than ever it is necessary to increase the real process speeds. It is necessary to add latest state-of-the-art technology so lamination can be done at maximum capacity. To succeed, it is essential to work side by side with customers as well. Is in this aspect where many of its specific characteristics - part of its value proposition- allow to increase the performance and benefits of our machines. The mechanical stopper, the 3-roller nip, the control of the tension, the robustness... All these elements combined allow to run faster difficult jobs giving to Comexi customers' a competitive advantage. 

That is why Comexi has carried out an exhaustive speed study in both lamination and coating for different structures and materials. The group has a set of important database very useful for its customers. Thanks to these investigations, it has been possible to verify, once again, that the laminator is only one of the many elements that takes part in the lamination process.

For example, one of the most typical and at the same time complex structures is PET with aluminum. Thanks to its mechanical stopper on the applicator pressing roller, Comexi’s laminators can apply the adhesive directly on the aluminum, taking full advantage of this material better wettability. Combined with adhesives with low CO2 emissions and the correct ratio of temperature and tensions, Comexi’s laminating machines can achieve the highest process speeds. A joint work between machine, adhesive and operator.

A successful lamination therefore, depends on a large extent on both internal and external parameters. Very critical factors such as the quality of the material, the type of adhesive, the skills of the technicians and, of course, customer’s degree of exigency play very important role. Hence the importance of the tests and trials carried out in the Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre facilities (Comexi CTec), a unique space where - with the collaboration of partners and suppliers – the group can provide a high added value service.

Comexi CTec is a unique space where testing new products and technologies

Each year, the Comexi CTec carries out about twenty courses, five of them dedicated to the field of lamination. The center stands out as the reference institution in training, innovation and consultancy within the sector and the flexible packaging industry. Specifically this year, an advanced technical rolling course in German has been carried out for the first time, which has achieved great success and good ratings by attendees and participating companies in the sector, thus satisfying a clear demand in the flexible packaging market. Throughout 2016, there were 63 demonstrations with laminators, a figure significantly higher than the previous year. Above all, it should be noted that these demonstrations are increasingly personalized and tailored to the needs of each client. A constant challenge for our operators and machines.

At the same time, the CTec also offers developments with adhesive manufacturers, technical advice to clients and ‘In hand’ project consults, as well as customized machine operating trainings - both at CTec facilities and customer plants - to improve the knowledge of companies. This is Comexi's working line; the latest state of the art technology combined with knowledge and expertise, partnership with our suppliers and, most important, working alongside with our customers. 


Carles Rodríguez

Comexi's Laminating Brand Manager


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