Comexi Group leads innovation and sustainability with the Solventless platform (n134/2013)

Comexi Group leads innovation and sustainability with the Solventless platform (n134/2013)

• The company will present the improvements achieved by this system during the K Fair

•  The Comexi FLEXO F2 WB will share prominence with Comexi OFFSET CI8 and COMEXI ACOM R2 informative spaces at the stand

• Comexi Group will show its latest developments through a live connection with the company’s headquarters in Riudellots de la Selva (Girona)

Girona, 2nd September 2013- Comexi Group, a leading specialist in providing total solutions to the flexible packaging conversion industry, will present its latest developments based on innovation and sustainability during the K Fair. The Catalan company has focused his research on the creation of new technologies that, through innovation, offer more sustainable, efficient and effective products, becoming the leader in innovation and sustainability of the industry. 
The spotlight of these innovations and also of the company’s stand at the German Fair will be the state-of-the-art Solventless platform. All those technologies developed by Comexi have been grouped under this concept, and they allow the several processes involved in the production of solventless products, such as inks, adhesives or laminates, among others. 

The leading exponent of this platform will be the new COMEXI FLEXO F2 Water Based. This press placed at the company’s stand will allow the visitors to know first-hand the benefits of the water based printing system.

Comexi Group has adapted this press to the water based inks, so that more sustainable and efficient works could be done without losing either quality or speed during the printing process. To achieve the adaptation to these kinds of inks, the COMEXI FLEXO F2 WB has a high flow drying system exclusively dedicated to the drying of white as a first colour background with dehumidified air. The drying capacity between colours also has been increased by a 50 per cent, and by a 30 percent in the final tunnel regarding the solvent-based inks machine. Apart from that, a stainless steel ink system specially designed to work with water based inks has been incorporated. 

Comexi Group will also dedicate an informative space to the Comexi OFFSET CI8 at the stand, a clear example of the company’s innovative and sustainable endeavour. The printing system, showed during 2012, is totally capable of adapting the central impression offset technology to the flexible materials, reducing costs, time of market as well as offering the best quality and high speeds. 

As regards sustainability and printewilr efficiency, a key feature of the COMEXI OFFSET CI8 is electron beam curing. This process is applied with inks made with a liquid mix of monomers and oligomers, supplemented with pigments and other additives. In contrast to UV-cured inks, EB-cured inks contain no photoinitiators, which prevents the risk of migration, making the process perfectly suitable for food-grade packaging.

Systems incorporating EB curing produce much less heat due to the absence of infrared radiation, avoiding deformation and tolerance problems as well as the expense incurred by the cooling system needed for UV curing.

Besides Comexi Group developments in sustainability, the company also wants to present the COMEXI ACOM R2. Within the gravure line of Comexi’s equipments, it incorporates all the company’s latest technologies, such as machinery control, direct drive systems or the flexibility of the printing process through the control.

With the aim of showing all these technologies and the latest novelties of Comexi Group, the company will connect live daily with its headquarters in Riudellots de la Selva from the 7th to the 25th of October, where an Open House will take place.

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