Geissmann Papier installs a 10-colour Comexi FLEXO FPlus

Geissmann Papier installs a 10-colour Comexi FLEXO FPlus

With this purchase, the Swiss company modernizes its printing capacity and greatly improves its production efficiency

Comexi Group has launched its Comexi FLEXO FPlus 10-colours printing machine in the facilities of Geissmann Papier AG (Switzerland). Thanks to the agreement reached with Comexi Group, the Swiss company expands its printability and lamination capacity in the food industry. For Daniel Geissmann, CEO of the company, "the results obtained so far are excellent, so this acquisition allows us to make a qualitative leap in our production."

The Comexi FLEXO FPlus is the reference in the segment of compact printers, since it allows very high precision prints at speeds up to 500m/min, on widths of up to 1520mm and print repeats of up to 1100mm. Another remarkable feature of this Comexi solution is its automatic change-up job, which allows preparing any printing unit that is not working, including cleaning and changing sleeves with automatic ejection.

Geissmann Papier

A family business founded in 1942, it was initially engaged in printing on plastic films and paper. In this third generation, Geissmann has 60 workers. The company already has an extensive know-how in printing and lamination for the food industry after acquiring a ‘Gearless’ 8-colour FB model printing machine and a Comexi NEXUS Evo laminator. Amongst the strengths of Geissmann also stands out the personal contact with customers (the company dedicates individual assistance to its clients to face new projects) and the delivery of the product just-in-time.

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