Successful world premiere of the Comexi NEXUS L20000 laminator

Successful world premiere of the Comexi NEXUS L20000 laminator

The show, held in Brussels, was the stage to introduce the Comexi NEXUS L20000, the laminating machine for flexible packaging applications specially designed to complement the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press. For the first time, Comexi displayed through up to ten daily live demonstrations the wide range of benefits that this innovative solution offers to the market. The visitors highlighted the advantages of using water-based adhesives instead of other technologies such as solvent-based or solventless, and the speed in delivering the product ready for packaging while reducing waste.

Responses for new challenges in the flexible packaging market

The need to reduce product life cycles and the boom in personalized and mass customized packaging as a marketing tool are two factors that have caused an increase in short term projects, which demand a faster delivery time. In this respect, the Comexi NEXUS L20000 will make it possible to deliver a package in 24 hours, thanks to the swift, intuitive machine set-up, and the fast curing of the water-based adhesives. This implies a considerable time reduction with respect to conventional solvent-based and solvent-less technologies that might require up to 14 days for final curing.

In terms of profitability, the water-based laminating machine developed by Comexi is seen as the ideal solution. The Comexi NEXUS L20000 minimises material waste during the set-up -essential for small volume jobs- and this means a saving on costs and a reduction in the environmental impact. In addition, it is energy efficient and has a low noise level.

And if we talk about productivity, the quick changeover and the simple operation of the laminating machine allow for a greater number of jobs per shift. The solution also has an automatic cleaning system which allows full wash-out and adhesive re-filling in 10 minutes. Furthermore, the Comexi NEXUS L20000 easy switches between laminating and coating functions.

Comexi Group reveals the Comexi NEXUS L20000 water-based laminating machine in Labelexpo Europe

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