Digitalization, One of the Biggest Challenges Companies Presently Face

Digitalization is pushing industry towards a new 4.0 paradigm and to make decisions based on data analytics as well as artificial intelligence

Digitalization is one of the biggest challenges companies presently have to confront regarding the transformation of products and services, as well as the creation of increasingly autonomous machinery. At the moment, it is necessary for most processes to be digital, as data is more obtainable in this manner, hence better decisions are made in reference to productivity. Comexi, together with numerous capital goods manufacturers, is immersed in service activities, in order to provide added value to customers and offer preeminent digital solutions with Comexi flexo, offset, digital, laminating, and slitting machines. This additional value must solve genuine problems as well as offer real, updated, filtered and 24h/WW data.

Comexi Cloud, Our Perfect Tool

As a result, Comexi has the perfect tool that allows customers to benefit from the amazing forthcoming digital opportunities of the flexible packaging sector. Comexi Cloud is a holistic approach for complete processes, and it will enrich this new era of continuous improvements throughout the entire value chain. This service platform is able to assist customers improve their facility performance through the analysis of real-time production data, thus allowing them to build and develop smart factories. Furthermore, this online platform has transformed the manner in which printers and converters manage all types of processes due to its ability to visualize, compile, analyze, and store all data. Comexi Cloud is composed of various digital services that are linked to the machinery and the data these machines generate.

Comexi Digiflex Adds Value to the Final Product

The most recent step taken by Comexi, in reference to the world of digitalization, has been digital printing, which greatly accelerates processes and time to market. Furthermore, digital printing allows for the personalization of the single prints, and the production of extremely short print runs. Within this frame of reference, Comexi Digiflex is able to print variable data such as QR codes, DOT codes, alphanumeric text, variable information, numbering, barcodes, Datamatrix or images. Each printed code is unique and contains distinct information, providing traceable material information, thus personalizing products according to the consumer’s needs, and protecting brands from counterfeiting. This innovative digital machine adds tremendous value to the final product.

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