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NEXUSComexi is the Comexi Group’s brand dedicated to develop the laminating machines product range. From its very beginning, NEXUSComexi has always been known for its capacity to produce machines with high modularity, able to adapt their machines to any customer’s requirement, in the vanguard with the newest technologies.

The NEXUSComexi range expands now with the addition of the new NEXUS OPTIMA 3H, anticipating the customers’ proposals by providing cutting-edge solutions in the world of lamination.

The NEXUS OPTIMA 3H has been designed to produce duplex, triplex and multi-layer structures of high added value at 600 mpm. Again, the modularity achieved allows NEXUSComexi to produce massive different adapted solutions for the customer’s product, making this line suitable for food packaging, medical packaging, paper, labeling, etc.

The coating unit is designed with its maximum modularity and flexibility, by means of an interchangeable trolley system. NEXUSComexi can provide trolleys for Gravure, Flexo, Semiflexo, PVdC applications, Solvent Less, as well as coating / printing applications such as cold-seal, one-colour printing, etc. For Solvent Less applications the NEXUS OPTIMA 3H has a special type of trolley with a huge reliability, with a unique system of 4 independent motors, one for each roller, which allows adapting to all type of different adhesives existing worldwide, even the 4th generation adhesives, at speeds and gauges required. Moreover, the Flexo trolley i  provided with a fully motorized gearless system with micrometric pressure adjustment which attains unrivaled accuracy in the marketplace.

A high-efficiency drying is achieved thanks to a new drying tunnel made up of independent modules, allowing different set-ups, depending on the materials and adhesives used. All dryers of the OPTIMA 3H are designed with the newest technology for a powerful blowing and high turbulence capacity to eliminate solvent/ water content, as well as with a high efficiency recirculation system that implies a huge energy cost reduction for the customer. Additionally the nozzles are fully removable (having a smart tool-less system) for easy cleaning.

NEXUSComexi. A milestone in multilayer lamination.
Ready for the Future

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