COMEXI’s values are part of the legacy of the company’s founder, Manel Xifra Boada; they are the foundations on which COMEXI’s growth and progress have been built

The guiding principles for the behaviour of the group’s management and employees, both internally and in their relations with external stakeholders, are as follows:

 As a family-owned company our vision is long-term. This means considering the impact of everything we do, both for the sake of our planet as well as for the cohesion and balance of our social environment. This vision extends to our financial well-being as well; our company must be profitable and have a sound financial base in order to ensure the continuity of the family legacy.

Customer orientation

 We build relationships of trust with our customers. COMEXI provides innovation, technology and services to offer our customers the best possible solutions. We advance and innovate with the customer so that our solutions respond to the real needs that the market and society demand. With this philosophy, COMEXI also offers production consulting services, packaging development and assembly of production lines to put all our knowledge at the service of our customers.

Humanism and teamwork

The bedrock of COMEXI is our people. We are firmly committed to nurturing and supporting our employees. Our human resources and talent are a top priority for the company. We encourage our people to grow as individuals through their professional activities in the company. Our team is the motor that drives our business.

Excellence and Innovation

Not settling for standard solutions and daring to think differently are the driving forces behind the quest for excellence that defines us. COMEXI is constantly looking for new ways to enrich the value chain. We do not only think of innovation when we talk about our machinery, but of innovating in all phases of the process in which the customer and COMEXI come into contact. We seek excellence in everything we do: in the design of our equipment, in the assembly, in our after-sales service and in the help and support to improve the results of our customers. For this reason, we have a team of 500 highly qualified professionals, who give their best in all phases of the process.


We love our work. We do it with enthusiasm and drive. And we put all our effort and energy into achieving and surpassing the goals and challenges we set for ourselves as a company.


At COMEXI, we forge bonds based on trust, hard work and enthusiasm to pursue our shared vision. We’re part of an organisation committed to people, to fostering the desire to face new challenges, and to going the extra mile in our commitment to our company. We embrace a code of ethics and the values it embodies with honesty, integrity and sincerity.

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