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good packaging has to generate a deep impact on consumers’ experience. The quality printing, textures, like holographic finishing, colors, text, compositions or the different ways to customize the packaging, like perforations, design windows, adhesiveslabels or easy open applications, can change how costumers feel, taste and experience a packaging and a brand.

As Packaging Europe says, with eye tracking you can measure customers’ visual attention to and experience with your packaging design, you can test before production to ensure you get the wanted result and catch the consumer’s eye in the store. In this sense, a recent study published via BRANDPACKAGING prove that a good packaging design is a successful way to impact consumers’ decisions making and, in consequence, their purchasing behavior.

In recent years, a new tool of marketing research has evolved. Neuromarketing, which makes use of brain research in a managerial context, has gained increasing popularity in the academic literature as well as the practical world. According to the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association, "Neuromarketing studies which emotions are relevant in human decision making and uses this knowledge to improve marketing's effectiveness." Neuromarketing applied to packaging can radically improve the consumer experience from aesthetic to function. 

Which will be the next steps? As Business Standard says, neurologists still have a long way to go to understand in detail how our brain makes a decision, let alone predict it accurately. There are already some applications for Neuromarketing, but studies need to be designed carefully and the measurable parameters defined very well. However, Neuromarketing will continue to evolve with new scientific findings in the coming years.

Specifically, brand owners have to know that the way in which a product is packed can be what attracts the consumer to take a look when it’s on store shelves. For this reason, many companies carry out extensive research on color schemes, designs and types of product packaging, whichever is most attractive to their consumers. According to an article by Packaging Strategies, visual memory is much stronger than audio memory so, when designing your package, make sure it is easy on the eyes, attractive and connect with your potential consumer and, as said, there are some technologies such as holography or laser that help achieve this objective.



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