Success Story: Ana & Batla Industries multiplies its production in complex materials with the Comexi F2 MC

The best demonstration of the capability of our solutions is the exceptional results that customers achieve with them.

This is the case with Ana & Batla Industries, a prominent company in the printing sector, which has set a genuine record with our flexo printer, the Comexi F2 MC. This advanced machine has become a fundamental pillar for the company, enabling it to reach unprecedented levels of productivity, especially in printing complex materials such as “Breathable.” These materials are widely used in the manufacturing of cosmetic and hygiene products and represent a significant challenge due to their specific characteristics.

With the Comexi F2 MC, Ana & Batla Industries has managed to print 13 tons of material in just 23 hours, a feat that demonstrates the optimal functioning of the machine at its maximum capacity without interruptions.

However, this impressive achievement would not be possible without the skill and dedication of its printing technician, Shakheel Ahmed. His ability and knowledge in handling and maintaining the Comexi F2 MC have been recognized by Comexi, highlighting his key contribution to obtaining these magnificent results.

This is a clear testimony to the impact that a combination of advanced technology and human talent can have on productivity and efficiency. The Comexi F2 MC, in the hands of an expert technician like Shakheel Ahmed, not only processes complex materials with speed and precision but also sets new standards in the world of flexographic printing. Thanks to this synergy, Ana & Batla Industries positions itself as a benchmark for innovation and excellence in the market.

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