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Our Service Hub located in Bangkok (Thailand) is on the service of the Asia-Pacific region: the most important region of the flexible packaging market representing more than 46% of global consumption. Our local office, local technical team and local warehouse are prepared to give a fast answer to the requirements and needs of any customer at any time. 

Our mission is to lead the conversion of the flexible packaging industry into a clean, emission-free industry that generates as little impact as possible on the environment. Our commitment is to provide unique global solutions for a world with increasing needs for flexibility and efficiency. Through sustainable innovation, we are committed to technological research and design, with the goal of creating efficient, reliable, energy-smart and environmentally sustainable products

Our headquarter in Thailand is located in Bangkok, where we have a technological center, “CTEC”, which offers:  

Industrial testing

Customized demos  

Technical training for machine operators

In order to support the development of new markets and jobs, through confidential contracts, we offer the possibility of producing samples, therefore acting as a co-operation centre for converters, co-suppliers and brand owners.

Comexi CTec has highly qualified personnel to support its tests. .

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Over speed & over tension after slitting station: 2nd NIP: It allows to work with circular knives in “kiss cut” with 95-98% of materials, ensures no movement of the material  and It helps for circular knives “kiss cut” and razor Gillette.
Work in tangential or kiss cut.

V8 version: overhead web path: ideal for food packaging and pharma packaging.

Razor and Circular knives being set in different shafts.

Reliable machinery (frame 50 mm)
Tension Isolation using a NIP
Closed loop system with Dancing roller (UW) and load cell (RW)
State of the art rewinding technology for different slitting configurations.

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