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Your first solventless laminator

Comexi SL2 MB

Ideal machine for any customer entering the world of flexible packaging lamination. Where simplicity meets complexity in materials and applications. Simple yet capable of carrying out complex laminations.

Our benefits are not an option, rather a necessity.

Easy to use

Very intuitive and designed with ergonomics in mind.

User-friendly HMI Minimum text, machine configuration recommended depending on the job and easy quality control.

Operation tutorials: Includes indexed digital machine manual available on the machine for quick access to each section.

Dosing sleeves to speed up job changes: light weight for handling.

Tool-less sleeve change on the machine

Simple and fast reel changes thanks to shaftless unwinders and rewinders.

Reduce production inneficiencies

Reducing time and material waste will make you much more competitive in costs.

Integrated coating weight sensor that measures in-line the coating weight on real printed jobs.

Fully motorized coating head: R2 and R3 are independent motors for an optimum transfer and layer evenness, and adapt to any kind of adhesive

Fast sleeve change system: less than 2 minutes for a job change

Cloud 4.0: production analytics & Job costing.

Automatic cleaning: it takes only 10 minutes to clean the motorized coating station

Sustainable materials

Capable to work with new materials.

Complex laminations with recicable materials such as RPE or recycled content.

The finest film tension control: high accurancy to work with demanding stretchable films

All you need to know.

User friendly HMI

Adhesive application station: Less than 2 minutes for a job change

3 roller NIP: No curling, 

Perfect web tension control

Speed1312 / 1476.3 ft/min
Web width52.4 in
Max. reel diameter39.4 in
Max. reel weight2205 lb
UW web tension20 - 200 N (Opt 500 N)
RW web tension40 - 350 N ( Opt 550 N)
Speed400 / 450 m/min
Web width1330 mm
Max. reel diameter1000 mm
Max. reel weight1000 kg
UW web tension20 - 200 N (Opt 500 N)
RW web tension40 - 350 N ( Opt 550 N)


The perfect team for the perfect process.


Comexi F2 ML

An unbeatable printer from the point of view of profitability, designed to achieve the best quality in great developments.
A flexo press that stands out for its high degree of versatility while maintaining the ergonomics and usability characteristic of the F2 range.


Comexi S2 DS

The Comexi S2 DS slitter stands out for its compactness and for being the perfect ally to cover all your basic converting needs. Thanks to its ergonomics and ease of use, it provides faster learning and achieves higher quality in less time.

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