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With more than 60 years' experience in the sector, we offer the market a high level of technological innovation and a specialised and localised technical service. Flexographic printing is our core business, and with the passage of time, we have become one of the world's leading manufacturers of flexographic presses with a central drum for short, medium and long runs, and which adapt to the market's most demanding requirements.

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Maximum repeat (in)
Speed (ft/min)
Comexi F1


With advanced technical solutions, they allow printing at high speeds, thanks to their robustness and drying capacity. The F1 is...More info

Colours 10 / 8
Maximum repeat (in) 53.1
Speed (ft/min) 1968
Comexi F2 <span class='evolution'>evolution</span>

COMEXIF2 evolution

F2 Evolution is the first member of a new generation of Flexo machines that while maintaining the ergonomics and efficiency of the...More info

Colours 10
Maximum repeat (in) 33.5
Speed (ft/min) 2000
Comexi F2 <span class='evolution'>origin</span>

COMEXIF2 origin

Comexi F2 Origin is the new member of Comexi F2 Flexo machines, that incorporates the GeniusTech developments to improve...More info

Colours 8
Maximum repeat (in) 31.5
Speed (ft/min) 1312.3
Comexi F2 MB


The Comexi F2MB flexographic press has been designed to satisfy the print needs of medium runs in the flexible...More info

Colours 8
Maximum repeat (in) 31.5
Speed (ft/min) 1312.3
Comexi F2 MC


The highest and easiest print quality is achieved thanks to the bounce-free printing of the GeniusRun, the best longitudinal...More info

Colours 10 / 8
Maximum repeat (in) 31.5
Speed (ft/min) 1312.3
Comexi F2 MP


The Comexi F2 MP has been designed to meet the printing needs of the longest jobs in the flexible packaging sector. Among all the...More info

Colours 10 / 8
Maximum repeat (in) 33.5
Speed (ft/min) 1640.4
Comexi F2 ML


The Comexi F2 ML printer is the ideal solution for the demanding polyethylene market. An excellent machine from the point of view...More info

Colours 10 / 8
Maximum repeat (in) 45.4
Speed (ft/min) 1640.4
Comexi F4


The Comexi F4 machine is the reference in this market segment. After its market launch in 2010, sales have been successful and it...More info

Colours 8
Maximum repeat (in) 23.6
Speed (ft/min) 1150

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