Following the strategy of being the main global supplier for the flexible packaging industry, we have positioned ourselves as one of the leading and cutting-edge companies in the development of solutions for laminating and coating.

We offer unique solutions by reducing the environmental impact with solventless and water-based tape applications, as well as the usual solvent-based laminating. The holographic application is the most recent innovation that gives the converter an additional benefit with attractive and stunning designs along supermarket lines.

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Max. web width (in)
Comexi SL3


The Comexi SL3 is fitted with a fully motorised application head in each calender, with a sleeve metering system and a laminating...More info

Max. web width (in) 52.3
Adhesive SL
Comexi SL2


Its machine design, its facility to use and its state-of-the-art controls makes it the ideal laminator for short and medium runs...More info

Max. web width (in) 60.2 / 52.3
Adhesive SL
Comexi L20000


This highly technological machine responds to the growing demand of short runs and the reduced product delivery times. Its...More info

Max. web width (in) 36.2
Adhesive WB
Comexi ML2


Now more than ever customers ask for a wider range of different applications. The current market is challenging the converters and...More info

Max. web width (in) 60.2 / 52.4 / 36.6
Adhesive UV / WB / SL / SB
Comexi ML1 MC

logoML1 MC

The new COMEXI ML1 MC is an ultra-productive laminator to fulfil all customers requirement in an extremely competitive market, is...More info

Max. web width (in) 60.2 / 52.4
Adhesive WB / SL / SB


It guarantees a holographic finish thanks to a technology known as Cast & Cure, creating a highly attractive visual register...More info

Max. web width (in) 52.3
Adhesive SL / UV

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