Laminating and Coatings Lines

Laminating and Coatings Lines

Following the strategy of being the main global supplier for the flexible packaging industry, we have positioned ourselves as one of the leading and cutting-edge companies in the development of solutions for laminating and coating.

We offer unique solutions by reducing the environmental impact with solventless and water-based tape applications, as well as the usual solvent-based laminating. The holographic application is the most recent innovation that gives the converter an additional benefit with attractive and stunning designs along supermarket lines.

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Max. web width (in)
Comexi SL2 MB


Ideal for getting started in flexible packaging solvent less lamination. With its superlative simplicity and high productivity it...More info

Max. web width (in) 52.4
Adhesive SL
Comexi SL2 <span class='evolution'>evolution</span>

COMEXISL2 evolution

The new SL2 evolution will become the next standard in the industry, thanks to its perfect combination of automation, reliability,...More info

Max. web width (in) 60.2 / 52.3
Adhesive SL
Comexi L20000


Specially designed to work with water-based adhesives it is the perfect complement for Digital printing, offering an unrivalled...More info

Max. web width (in) 36.2
Adhesive WB
Comexi ML2 <span class='evolution'>evolution</span>

COMEXIML2 evolution

The versatility, productivity, and jaw-dropping design of the new Comexi ML2 Evolution makes this laminator your foremost partner....More info

Max. web width (in) 60.2 / 52.4
Adhesive Wax / UV / WB / SL / SB
Comexi ML1 MC


Performance excellence is taken for granted in the new Comexi ML1 MC. Conceived for the most demanding applications and thanks to...More info

Max. web width (in) 60.2 / 52.4 / 36.6
Adhesive WB / SL / SB


Optimum solution for the incorporation of multiple finishing effects in any kind of packaging material. These include full and...More info

Max. web width (in) 52.4
Adhesive SL / UV
Comexi DUAL


Versatility to cover all kind of applications in the flexible packaging, providing the perfect answer for all those converters...More info

Max. web width (in) 60.2 / 52.4 / 40.5 / 36.6
Adhesive SL / SB
Comexi SL3


The Comexi SL3 laminating machine is ideal for clients starting in flexible packaging lamination. Its enormous added value...More info

Max. web width (in) 54.2
Adhesive SL



Our extensive experience in coatings, lamination and drying systems make Comexi the right partner for customized solutions, providing to our customers the most suitable equipment for each request.
We offer customized solutions for a full range of coating and laminating lines, as well as lab coating systems.
A large range of available coating heads and laminating possibilities and proved expertise and knowledge, allow us to provide the added value pursued by our customer, in all kind of different markets:

  1. Film barrier coatings
  2. Silicone and Wax coatings
  3. Adhesive and Hotmelt coatings
  4. Deco and Protective coatings
Max. web width 2800 mm - 110.2 in
Coating types SL / SB / WB / UV / EB
Speed up to 600 m/min (1968,5 ft/min)
Lamination and coatings

Lamination and coatings

Tandem / Triplex configurations

ML2 + SL2

ML2 + SL2Flexibility made sustainable

More info

ML2 x 2

ML2 x 2Back to back flexibility

More info

ML1 x 2

ML1 x 2Productivity outburst

More info

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