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Flexible packaging is probably one of the most dynamic industrial sectors with constant innovation focusing on customer satisfaction, traceability and environment protection. The personalization and the state-of-the-art of the packaging drive a continuous optimization of the resources and processes due to the increasing number of SKUs, shorter runs, higher quality demands, traceability, as well as developing new packaging with an extended shelf life, easy to use and recyclability. The sole way to adapt and succeed in this new environment is to have total control over the entire value chain system and all related information. Bringing a holistic approach to the whole converting processes will enhance a new era of continuous improvement, unique with agile decision.

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Production Analytics

The fastest and easiest way to analyse production, understand data and processes, as well as know the job cost of the printing and converting process. This data gives the customer relevant production information to make the most appropriate decisions.

Monitoring plan

Monitoring planReal-time information

Production control

Production controlHistoric and process set up parameters

Performance indicators

Performance indicatorsMachine– Production order – Time

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Job Costing

Through the data automatically taken by the machine from consumption of energy, inks and consumables, the module provides the total cost per m2 printed during a specific period of time.

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Comexi Ordering Online service (Be Coolable)

Make your orders with the new e-commerce platform. An easy and free of charge service allowing for quick identification, 3D and electrical diagrams, faster speed up order process, security, all with 24/7 service.

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Maintenance Assistant

Comexi takes care of the machine maintenance offering task reporting.

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Technical Docs

Manuals and instructions are always available and updated.

  Technical features  
  Track Performance 24/7 Comexi Cloud is working for you 24/7, track your plane work everyday for anytime
  Private Data Acquisition The data has saved in private data centers, safe and only for you
  Automatic Data Acquisition – Plug & Play Just work. Do not worry how to get data, it is automatic
  Zero coding No Deployment
  Cloud Service Simple Data Processing
  Manage, control See your plant worldwide
  Multiplatform Web deployment
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