Comexi Cloud, the transformation of products and services through digitalisation

Comexi Cloud, the transformation of products and services through digitalisation

A few years ago, Comexi understood that digitalisation would be one of the challenges of innovation to transform products and services. Today, all capital goods manufacturers are immersed in service activities in order to give more value to their customers. This value has to solve the real problems of the clients, and offer real, updated, filtered and 24h/WW data.

With this in mind, Comexi began processing internal digitalisation processes many years ago, and in 2017 the Comexi Cloud digital services platform was launched. As a digital platform in continuous development, it will progressively integrate more services and applications primarily in the field of prediction and prescription.

This platform is composed by different digital services linked to the machines and the data they generate.

The Production Analytics manages the production data generated by the machine by placing it in different dashboards, giving the customer relevant production information to make the most appropriate decisions. Through the data that the machine automatically takes from energy consumption and consumption of inks and consumables, the module provides the total cost per m2 printed. On the other side, we have the Ordering On line service, which is a platform for the sales online spare parts through 3D, electrical diagrams or list of materials. It is easy, reliable and fast. Another service is the Maintenance Assistant that allows to manage of maintenance tasks in a preventive manner. Customers has access to all documentation of the machine, who is always available and updated.

These modules offer the advantage of digitizing the product and the connectivity of the machines, as well as maximize the productivity. This is the ultimate goal of the Comexi Cloud: offering tools to take the best decisions and streamlining the tasks related to its operations.

Probably, one of the biggest challenges that our industry faces is to be more competitive in production efficiency. The availability of the machine and the reduction of setups are some of the great opportunities where the technologies associated with Industry 4.0 can influence more by giving visibility to the processes and bottlenecks. Besides, a good management of the data from the machines is the basis to define preventive and predictive actions that will surely improve the production. It is for this reason, that Comexi offers this revolutionary tool, Comexi Cloud, which reaches all these goals. It isa complete virtual platform, accessible from anywhere and from any device, which gives everyone the correct information to evaluate and improve their work, becoming the perfect combination of machine, user and virtual platform, among other benefits.


Jordi Sahun

Chief Innovation & Technology Officer

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