Comexi Group introduces new laser technology to its Comexi Proslit range (n129/2013)

Comexi Group introduces new laser technology to its Comexi Proslit range (n129/2013)

• The company’s slitting and rewinding equipment will incorporate CingularLaserPatentPending technology, thus improving the efficiency of in-line processes where laser systems are used.

• CingularLaser has been designed and integrated solely for use in Comexi Group’s range of slitting and rewinding equipment.

Girona, July 2th 2013.- Comexi Group, the specialist in machinery for the flexible packaging converting industry, has introduced CingularLaserPatentPending technology to the slitting and rewinding equipment from its Comexi Proslit range. With this new laser technology, in-line processes where laser systems are used will be performed far more efficiently.

Common in-line laser processes include micro and macro perforations for the transmission of CO2 in packaging for fruit and vegetables, easy open systems for different types of packaging such as stand-up-pouches, the numbering of promotional offers, expiry dates and the printing of alphanumeric codes.

Thanks to the incorporation of this technology, Comexi Group’s slitting and rewinding machines can make 400 metres of micro perforations measuring 50µ to 300µ per minute and 150 to 200 metres of macro perforations of up to 6mm per minute; they can add easy open systems to packaging, using discontinuous or continuous lines in cross or web direction at speeds of 200 to 400 metres per minute depending on the system; and they can add barcodes, QR codes or numbers to different types of materials.

Designed and integrated by Comexi Proslit, CingularLaser heralds a new trend in in-line laser processes so that they evolve from a packaging process to a converting one.

Until now, packaging companies were responsible for this laser-operated stage of the process. This meant that a specialist laser machine was needed for different applications where a laser was used, thus affecting the productivity and versatility of the different machines while also raising costs due to the need for this specialist packaging equipment.

With the incorporation of CingularLaser to the Comexi Proslit range, laser applications have been integrated in the converting process, overcoming the previous drawbacks and boosting the versatility of both the converting company and packaging company’s machinery.
What is more, with a working life of 25,000 hours, CingularLaser brings numerous benefits to Comexi Group’s machines, enhancing their productivity and efficiency. Firstly, the machines have added flexibility, since with a single laser they can carry out tasks such as die cutting, rotary die cutting, hot needle perforation, pneumatic perforation, discontinuous pre-cuts on hardened roll both lengthwise and in the direction of the roll, and discontinuous transversal pre-cuts.

Secondly, it increases the precision of the diameter of the holes by synchronizing the diameter and shape. Thirdly, there are no limitations to the machine width, thanks to the bendable mechanical components.

As for the matrices, by incorporating CingularLaser, production times and the costs of die cutting can be reduced, as well as reducing stocks and the storage of the different matrices formerly needed with traditional systems.

Lastly, this kind of laser ensures substantial improvements when materials are handled, since they suffer less when they are perforated with this system. In short, this minor innovation will herald major new trends in the perforation of packaging.

To put this innovation into practice, Comexi Group has a production and assembly plant in Sant Quirze del Vallès (Barcelona-Spain) where the entire process is carried out so as to ensure the device’s high standards and operational efficiency. Afterwards, the whole device is transferred to the company’s headquarters in Riudellots de la Selva, where it is fitted in machines from the Comexi Proslit range.

The incorporation of CingularLaser to the Comexi Proslit range forms part of the company’s bid for innovation and sustainability, which it applies to all its product ranges.

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