COMEXI, high performance and added value slitting solutions

COMEXI, high performance and added value slitting solutions

Comexi, as a global provider of flexible packaging solutions, will present at the K show its latest slitting solutions. The group will introduce its high performance technology, which guarantees the highest levels of both quality and productivity, even in the most demanding jobs.

Following the strategy of being the main worldwide supplier for the flexible packaging industry, Comexi provides the most sophisticated systems for slitting and rewinding, permanently researching and innovating so as to constantly meet the most stringent requirements of its clients and final consumers.

At the K fair, visitors will have the opportunity to access the group’s efficient slitting solutions, which allow faster job changeovers, thanks to their ergonomics and their various slitting systems. Comexi’s slitters guarantee shorter cycle productions due to faster acceleration, which include a tension isolation system that allows working with completely different tensions in the rewinding and unwinding areas. This system together with its ALTS rewinding system brings a more accurate rewinding and minimizes possible defects. Moreover, the entire group’s slitting machines, by being fully electric, assure energy efficiency, better data control and avoid waste due to oil leaks.  

In its portfolio of slitting machines, Comexi offers the S2 line, which incorporates the Comexi S2DT and Comexi S2DS. These are versatile slitters with excellent guarantees in a wide range of jobs. By compiling the main features of Comexi’s slitting gamma, they guarantee resource optimization with the highest quality, productivity, flexibility and easy handling.

The S1 line is Comexi’s highest slitting gamma, which includes Comexi S1DT and Comexi S1DS that ensure excellent results, both in quality and productivity, even in the most challenging jobs. These two slitters integrate regulation and control elements that allow producing jobs with handling difficulties, without many problems.

In both S1 and S2 lines, Comexi slitters offer the possibility to work with a double turret or a double shaft. Double turret machines assure a higher performance, giving the slitters high production rates because they minimize downtime. It is especially noticeable in jobs with many output reels, such as those aimed for the label market.

In addition to the S1 and S2 lines, Comexi also produces the Comexi S-Turret slitter, a top-range machine with an innovative single-turret system, specially designed to obtain excellent results in those rigid materials that require working with high tensions and large output reels. The Comexi S-Turret includes innovative control systems, rewinding and changing jobs. It allows working at high speeds and offering high productivity.

It is also possible to integrate in-line into any slitting machine a module with a video camera full inspection.

Cingular Laser, added value

At K, Comexi will also show the latest innovations in Cingular Laser technology, which can be fully integrated in-line in its slitting machines and that guarantees the best accuracy in applications such as easy open, perforation, pre-cut, numbering, slitting and alphanumeric codes.

The application includes a software system and laser control that allows the converter to create any shape in any direction of the packaging and at any speed, ensuring a perfect web tension control system.

With the aim to develop the best solutions adapted to the demanding requirements of the market, Comexi will also present the results of the research study that has been carried out in resealable packagings. Comexi also offers the possibility of studying tailored projects in order to automate all necessary operations once the reels left the slitting machine.

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