Comexi installs a Comexi ENVIROXI LCR in Gybäck Flexografi

Comexi installs a Comexi ENVIROXI LCR in Gybäck Flexografi

• The Swedish company has also acquired a Comexi PROSLIT COMPACK2 slitting machine to strengthen its production based on short and medium runs

Comexi Group has set up a Comexi ENVIROXI LCR in the Gybäck Flexografi facilities in Halmstad (Sweden). With the acquisition of the anilox cleaning system for cylinders with laser technology, Gybäck Flexografi shows its trust to an ideal solution that reduces environmental impact of routine cleaning tasks of anilox, while improving productivity thanks to its simple, fast and easy use. To Anders Gybäck, president of the company, "the Comexi ENVIROXI LCR is an excellent complement to our printing systems because the cylinders return to their original state after each cleaning job, so we win in quality of work".

Anilox cleaning system of cylinders with laser technology
The Comexi ENVIROXI LCR solution is an optimal working tool to achieve a comprehensive cleaning with the best performance. This product differs from the rest by performing a deep cleaning of the cylinder on any type of inks, adhesives and silicones, even on high screens difficult to clean. In addition, the laser system prevents damage to the surface of the material.

Comexi PROSLIT Compack2, pure performance
Furthermore, Gybäck Flexografi has also expanded its range of slitting machinery with the purchase of a Comexi PROSLIT Compack2: a solution that incorporates the precision of the large machines and the advantages of the small ones. With a compact layout but without forgetting any details: lay in roller installed in an horizontal moving frame based on the Advanced Linear Tracking System; a shaftless unwinder for easy loading and unloading reels up to 1.000 kg or a Nip area to ensure an excellent control tension before and after the slitting.

Gybäck Flexografi
It is a family owned company founded in 1994 by Åke Gybäck with his sons Lars, Göran and Anders, and today it’s Anders that runs the company. With its headquarters in Halmstad (Sweden), it has 10 employees. Gybäck Flexografi focuses its production in high quality printing for rapid delivery to the customer. For this, the firm now has one flexographic printing machine up to 8 colors with printing repeat up to 1100 mm, and one more on its way in that will be installed in week 25. They also have slitting and rewinding machinery.

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