Comexi, recognized worldwide with WorldStar Awards

Comexi, recognized worldwide with WorldStar Awards

Comexi, specialist in machinery for the flexible packaging converting industry, is going to receive a WorldStar Award 2017. The group has been awarded for its innovative combination of the Cingular Laser technology and lamination in register.

The WorldStar Awards, convened by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO), are the most reputable awards granted for the Flexible Packaging field and they will be awarded at the Interpack Fair. Comexi competed for one of the WorldStar Awards as an awarded in the LíderPack 2016 Awards, convened by Graphispack Association and the Hispack fair in Fira Barcelona.

In this case, the jury prized the group for the development of the most outstanding innovation of the year in packaging processes and/or machinery. A recognition that now reaches worldwide by Comexi’s optimization process of producing windows in flexible packagings, with the innovative Cingular Laser system combined with lamination in register.

Comexi’s Slitting Brand Manager, Albert Torrent, underlined that Comexi Cingular Laser is a “small revolution in the flexible packaging sector” and added, “it is a key technology that makes a difference and optimizes production following the latest demands and market trends”. He highlighted that “we are very happy to offer ideas that help our customers to add value to their packaging, which will be the best strategy to follow in the future”.

The solution devised by Comexi saves costs in production, machinery and energy as it simplifies the process of creating a window in a packaging. Furthermore, the system allows developing – when is desired – a solventless process in lamination or printing.

Cingular Laser

Comexi’s Cingular Laser is a revolution in the slitting and rewinding sector of flexible packaging, an in-line laser system that can be fully integrated in-line to any of Comexi’s slitters which guarantees the utmost accuracy in applications such as easy open, perforation, pre-cut, numbering, slitting and alphanumeric codes.

The Comexi Cingular Laser is founded on the high quality of its laser, which is able to work in the most demanding jobs. The application incorporates complex software and laser control systems that enable the converter to create any shape in any direction of the packaging and at any speed, ensuring a perfect web tension control system.

Comexi Dual

Versatility defines the Comexi Dual laminator. This versatility allows covering all kinds of applications in flexible packaging. The Comexi Dual provides the perfect answer for those converters whose aim is to expand their business, by offering different high added value solutions to their customers, either solventless lamination, with solvents, water-based, cold-seal, heat-seal, reprints, as well as new applications.

Among these new most demanded applications, the glossy / matte varnishes in register stand out providing great contrast to the packaging, together with the previously described lamination in register, which has burst into the market with great impact and whose growth is totally exponential.

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