n45: Manel Xifra & Boada Awards

Manel Xifra & Boada Awards

Manel Xifra & Boada Awards will be presented on Friday, June 4th, at the Girona Auditorium by The Technical Engineering School of Girona (CETIG), Comexi Group, and the University of Girona.

These awards expect to recognize engineering as a diffused, consolidated and distinct profession. They are established in 3 categories:

- Best Professional Career:  Josep Bosch, ex-dean of CETIG and founder of Oxiter-Girona.
- Transmission of the Scientific-Technical Knowledge: Pedro Miguel Etxenike, Physics Professor at the University of the Basc Country.
- Best Final University Project acknowledgment given by the Polytechnic Superior School of the UdG: Francesc Lara, Agnès Alofra and Gerard Massaguer.

These prizes will be delivered by the President and the CEO of Comexi Group, Manel Xifra, among others.

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