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With the acquisition of Acom’s business, the well-known Italian company and expert in gravure presses manufacturing, Comexi Group has confirmed its dedication to becoming a global market player in the flexible packaging machines market. The company Comexi Converting Solutions, based in Italy, will design and commercialise gravure products under the Acom brand name.

Comexi Group’s new company Comexi Converting Solutions (CCS) continues Acom’s tradition of manufacturing top quality gravure presses with two lines: RG Platinum and RG Excel. Thanks to their flexibility, these two lines cover the needs of several different markets including food packaging, labels, security, pharmaceutical and wall paper.

In the last few months, top level customers, both in Europe and the USA, have reiterated their trust confirmed their confidence in Comexi Group by placing various orders which are already in production in the CCS factory in Piacenza (Italy). All Acom machines are designed and manufactured in Italy by a team of experienced technicians. This experience will be used to offer retrofit services for the older rotogravure machinery.

Flexible rotogravure presses
The two Acom product lines are designed for different ranges of width, speed and tension control so that customers can find the right machine for any purpose.

The RG Excel is a highly flexible machine designed to reach a mechanical speed of up to 400 mpm / 1,312 fpm with a maximum width of 1350 mm / 53.14.  To make handling the gravure trolley easier, it is equipped with a unique system that allows a single operator to handle the trolley inside the machine frame. The operator can also choose whether to take out the ink pan and the cylinder, or just the cylinder, without the need for any additional trolley or tool.

On the other hand, the RG Platinum can be used for lines up to 600 mpm / 1,968 fpm, with a tension over 800 N and a maximum width of up to 1750 mm / 68.89 in.

For reverse printing needs, we offer turning bars or a reversible printing unit. This allows the use of a standard trolley and a simple and quick system to switch the doctor blade group from one side to the other.

Both RG Platinum and RG Excel lines can be completed with in-line applications: in-line lamination (solvent base or solvent-less), cold seal, special coatings or lacquering thanks to different trolleys such as solvent-less, semi-flexo or flexo.

Since they all fit in the same printing units thus maintaining a useful interchangeability, they offer a wide array of truly spectacular options. The in-line solvent-less lamination can also be performed by a dedicated unit, fully designed by Nexus Comexi team, Comexi’s brand specialised in laminating with a high reputation in the market.

In addition, our units can be easily integrated into combined lines, flexo or offset, for special applications.

The drying system
Driers are available in different lengths and configurations. As an added value, hoods open automatically and feature a unique quick nozzle removing system which provides maximum accessibility for performing maintenance and cleaning tasks.

The shape of the nozzles combined with a minimal distance from the web and a high exhausting capability guarantee a high drying capacity and efficiency with very low solvent retention. The design of the ventilation groups, which integrates the recirculation system and the LEL control, ensures the safety of the machine and keeps it environmentally friendly in terms of optimizing energy consumption.

Short runs
For short runs, a series of features have been developed which dramatically reduce offline time and help to limit the number of operators needed around the machine for ancillary operations. These features even reduce the amount of solvent used for washing at the end of each job. Our presses can dramatically reduce job changeover times for short runs, and along with their strong reliability on longer runs, they offer the easiest configurations and are operator friendly in terms of maintenance and wastage.

The register control acts directly through an ELS (Electronic Line Shaft) on the printing cylinder while an exclusively Acom software completes and enhances its action during transitory phases, minimizing waste. In addition, an easy pre-register system puts the marks in the register gate automatically, without special and additional engravings.

A complete series of fully automatic unwinders and rewinders is available in our design: with shaft or shaft-less types in different widths and diameters. All our presses can be supplied with any of the different integrated ancillary equipments such as: Corona Treatments, Web Cleaning, Electrostatic Assist, Viscosity Controls, Printing Repeat Control, Web Inspection, Inline Slitting or others features upon customer request.

Thanks to our extensive experience in gravure manufacturing, we are able to offer market standard machines as well as complete, fully customized gravure lines.

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