n69: F2 FLEXOEfficiency: Efficiency for your benefit

With about 300 units sold of the revolutionary FW and FI models since their launch in 2004, Comexi Group has drastically improved the concept of efficient flexographic presses, using our current customers’ in-depth knowledge as a jumping off point to adapt them to market needs and foresee future needs.

At Comexi, we understand that efficiency means more than just productivity. Efficiency is something more. For Comexi, it is a philosophy – a philosophy of shaping solutions that help our clients. This philosophy is dedicated to developing new technologically integrated products that deliver competitive advantages to our customers. Therefore, the FLEXOEfficiency concept encompasses a set of patents and systems aimed at improving interaction between the operators and the machine, as well as new solutions and high performance services during work changeovers, maintenance and problem detection and solving. All of this carries a significant impact on printing costs per square meter.

This entire process led us in June 2010 to present our new global innovation, the F4FLEXOEfficiency press. The successful launch of the F4FLEXOEfficiency, with 20 units sold in its first year, was a determining factor for confirming the launch of a new press that would encompass this new concept.

The F2FLEXOEfficiency is a new development aimed at improving the efficiency of medium and long projects adding solidity (stability and reproducibility) and improving ergonomics to take the concept of efficiency to its purest state.

Developing markets
The F2FLEXOEfficiency breaks the introduction barriers that conventional presses generate and gains access to new markets thanks to its maximum material width of 1520mm (1320mm standard width) and printing development of up to 850mm. At the same time, it improves printing costs in its conventional printing system with solvents.

The F2FLEXOEfficiency 8 color press helps you face this challenge, featuring an efficient doctor blade support design that drastically reduces change times, a new drying system with two fans to ensure a minimum retention of solvents at high speeds and easy accessibility for maintenance and work changes.

Medium and large orders
The reality is that work lengths have been reduced in a part of the market. What is also true is an increased temporality of jobs, in other words, bottlenecking is generated due to the accumulation of medium runs in a short period of time. Flexo efficiency should allow you to reduce costs with machines that are more suitable for this format and give you the ability to confront bottle necking with high productivity. All of this is achievable with ingenious solutions that reduce down times, provide maintenance and create solidity at high speeds of up to 500 mpm.

At Comexi, our lines of innovation are committed to social and environmental responsibility. That’s why we have developed the ENERGYSavvy concept, applied to a set of electric and electronic control technologies, which allows us to save enormous amounts of energy and thus drastically reduce CO2 emissions.

In addition, the F2FLEXOEfficiency press incorporates E-COMEXI solutions, specifically flexographic printing with Electron Beam inks. Zero emissions. No environmental impact. A step towards sustainability.

F2 FLEXO Efficiency: Efficiency for your benefit.

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