Polytec Renews Its Confidence in Comexi with the Acquisition of a Flexographic Press

Polytec Renews Its Confidence in Comexi with the Acquisition of a Flexographic Press

The characteristics of the Comexi F2 ML will allow the Guatemalan company to face the challenges presented to converters by the flexible packaging market

After the installation at Polytec of a Comexi F2 ML, the flexographic press for large developments and high speeds, Comexi, a global supplier of solutions for the flexible packaging printing and converting sector, has consolidated its dominant position in the Central American market. During the months which the machine has been in operation, Óscar Escobar, manager of the Guatemalan plant, have been able to verify its high performance, and the way in which they have been able to confront the current converter challenges of the flexible packaging market, due to the press’ rapid job change, high quality, and consistency during printing.

New technologies have placed the flexible packaging sector in a mode of acceleration. Presently, companies and their industrial processes must adapt to these changes if they do not want to be forgotten.

The Comexi F2 ML incorporates the innovative positioning system of doctor blades with low friction pistons, a robust structure of impression body, and carbon fiber air mandrels with hydraulic intermediate sleeves. The wide upper platform encompasses an entire heating and drying system, consisting of a five-meter tunnel, and two independent systems with automatic air recirculation regulated by the concentration of solvents. As a result, the Comexi F2 ML is consistently capable of the highest performance of printing at a speed of 500 m/min. Furthermore, the press can be equipped with the most advanced control system to facilitate output, including the fully automatic pressure adjustment and registration system, which is based on the machine’s video system together with the PDF file of the jov, or access to the Comexi Cloud digital services platform.

Taking all this into consideration, there have already been five occasions where Polytec has trusted Comexi as a benchmark provider of central drum flexo printing services. The purchase of a Comexi F2 ML completes a relationship of more than 20 years and is built on the trust generated by equipment robustness and the impeccable after-sales service of Comexi in the area.

Comexi is extremely proud to include Polytec among its customers, a company with a character of quality and innovativeness, and one which has been awarded several competition awards in Central American and North American.

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