S-Turret: Single turret slitter-rewinder (n86/2012)

Under the trademark “PROSLIT” ,The Comexi Group introduces the its new S-TURRET  SLITTER  RE-WINDER to the market.
The new slitter aims to make significant progress in markets outside of flexible packaging market where PROSLIT has not had a large presence up until now, although we have had some experience thanks to machines such as EIKON, DUO2, DUO2 HD and UNO.
The excellent results obtained from these machine models are precisely the motivation that has driven PROSLIT to put a considerable amount of dedication into markets where The Comexi Group are in the development phase.
The new PROSLIT S-TURRET is directly focused on markets whose products are mainly based on the converting of rigid or semi-rigid materials. 
The paper industry, cardboard, lids, markets related to personal care and pharmaceuticals, especially treatments with aluminum and its laminates, adhesive and silicone materials (adhesive paper for labels for example), BOPPs, PETs.
The main features of the new S-TURRET are: Un-winder with three possible maximum diameters 1000mm, 1250mm and 1550mm, a capacity to support weights of 1350kg, 2150kg, and 3000kg respectively. Possible machine widths are 1400mm, 1700mm and  2200mm. The S-TURRET can rewind reels of up to 1000mm in diameter, and can support a maximum weight along the entire width of the rewinder shaft of 1000kg. 
Many improvements and innovations have been incorporated into the new S-TURRET. As in many of the other Comexi Group’s trademarks, these improvements bring added values for our customers’ production processes. The most important innovation is the new ADVANCE LINEA WINDING SYSTEM: This new control system maintains the lay-on roller fixed to the frame and moves the re-wind reel shaft as it becomes larger In the process, It ensures that the distance between the slitting area and the lay-on Roller area remains the same. This greatly improves the quality of Re-winding.
To ensure maximum Re-winding quality, we have included a bowed roller especially intended for the following type of pre-rewinding applications: variable and adjustable bow with a high resolution curve in polyurethane to guarantee maximum durability. 
With energy saving techniques and maintenance made easy always upper most on Comexi’s mind, Direct Drive technology has been included to improve energy efficiency and reduce maintenance times.
In addition we have added many of the features that have made our year on year growth in the Converting Industry possible and given our Customers many successful installations.
Fully electric machines that prevents the risk of Hydraulic oil contamination ,reduced maintenance ,good ergonomics with the web being threaded either in the conventional manner or Overhead and quick slitting changes facilitated by the possibility of permanently installing the razor blade and circular knife system in the machine.
This smart and efficient solution is another step towards strengthening the markets in which The Comexi Group are already present while offering alternatives to new markets. 
The new S-TURRET machine will be launched during the upcoming DRUPA held from the 3rd to the 16th of May 2012.  Daily shows are programmed. Personalized demonstrations available upon request. 
Don’t miss out! HALL 10 STAND C62-1/2.
Jordi Gorchs    
Product Manager Slitting &Rewinding Equipment, PROSLIT                                         
COMEXI GROUP INDUSTRIES S.A.U.                            

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